February 15, 2013

I happened to check my email address which I use for this blog (recently recovered) and saw a new post from Amuirin was up at Stop & Wander. So, should you follow the link you’ll find she has eloquently expressed my feelings about the crew of us who used to hang together so frequently about ‘the blogs’.

Since I began working my new job in July my focus has really shifted. As with any job I try to bring my best on a daily basis and I’m really happy to be working back in addictions again. I find carrying a case load again to be taking a larger toll than it used to do though… more home time and attention is being directed to doing up case notes and phoning family members of clients.

Happy to have some of you as friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and now LinkedIn and should anyone else wish to get on board just email me here…. heyimtheluckyone@hotmail.com

Cheers – I hope everyone is doing well. Miss all of you. Norm.


New Year

January 2, 2013

Still getting used to working day shifts. Enjoying my work with the guys in treatment. We’re at capacity. Woot-woot!!

Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays…. we did! C U soon.


Yadda, yadda, yahoo

December 6, 2012

PressureSo, all these months later I start on Monday doing what I was hired to do… daily program presentation and individual counseling. These have been interesting times (since July) building relationships for the centre with the area’s 12 Step groups and their service arms. Personally it has been advantageous getting re-acquainted with lots of folks I hadn’t seen in a long time, plus meeting lots of newcomers to the program who have arrived in the interim. Plus, PLUS, I’ll be able to participate at my home group on a regular basis and actually contribute after a long hiatus and very spotty attendance. Woot-woot!

Here at the centre we’re pleased with how everything is shaping up organization-wise and program content. We’re having major successes with some complex cases; poly-substance and major mental illness mixes. As for staff… heh, heh… we try to put principles before personalities and work toward the common good of our clients.

While those things are all good and fine what it really boils down to NOW is being able to get into a solid routine with Lynda on the homefront. She has been very patient and abiding as this is a new start-up business but she could use some quality one on one time…. and I’m looking forward to that too. I miss my honey.

Although it is still months away I find I’m looking forward to celebrating 10 years clean and sober…. and thinking about all the people who have contributed to my sobriety; both inside and outside the ‘rooms’. As for outside; some of those folks are right here online. Others, people I attended college with when I studied for my Addictions diploma. Still others are close family and friends who have leant their support during trying times.

During this period of re-adjustment I’ll be trying to catch up on some much needed rest and establish a good working structure for mind, body and spirit. That and take time to count my blessings. I’m a happy guy. Ciao for now.


Be The Light….

November 16, 2012

… which serves to illuminate for others.

Time rushes by with little time for self reflection. Lynda and I have a couple of hours a day through the week when she has done her workday, and prior to me leaving the house for mine. We cook together or alternate and enjoy the meal and catch-up time. Weekends I work days so I’m back for dinner and the evening. Tomorrow night we’re planning an evening around the firepit, possibly with our next door neighbours. Chillin’ on a chilly evening bundled up next to a nice blaze.

I think I’m up around 35 days without a day off…. some days I’m exhausted and don’t know how I’ll cope with our clients. (They can be a pretty demanding bunch.) But then the energy reserve kicks in and cope I do. It really is all about them while they are in our care. Five months in and we’re pleased with how things are going… good success rate; a few slips or relapses. I’m assured by my manager that I will be working a straight day shift gig within a couple of weeks. Just checked the sobriety calculator and this alky is 3,407 consecutive days clean and sober. Working with new people seeking recovery helps keep me that way.

Lynda’s youngest son has closed his chip truck for the season and moved back in with us a couple of months ago so that is a bit of a blessing. Less running around getting his supplies and other errands. He has just hooked up with a g’friend for the first time in years so that ought to keep him occupied. 😉

I plan to revamp this page soon and get rid of some dead links; get back into the swing and renew contact with some folks. I’ve been occupied on Facebook and once in a while post on Twitter. Making a few new & cool friends there. Will try to spend more time here soon. Ciao for now.


Picture Perfect

October 16, 2012

Wonderful Wife


All The News

October 16, 2012

a little ha, ha moment b’cuz there isn’t much to share. I’m still working daily so life is pretty much all to do with work and stealing moments with Lynda here and there. Plus, I came down with a garden variety virus last week which has left me feeling pretty crappy and seeking the comfort of my bed. I’ve just come in from another hour of raking leaves and that bit of exercise leaves a good feeling in my arm & shoulder muscles and a relaxed mind.

Last evening was a special sort of night… one of the owners of the rehab I work at was celebrating the 2nd annniversary of his getting clean from cocaine at his C.A. homegroup in Toronto. So, off we all went – 10 house residents; Erick and I… plus a couple of our house volunteers and a couple of our recently completed clients. We went out afterward to enjoy an hour of fellowship at Boston Pizza – conversation, food and bevvies. Good to see Erick’s father and sister in attendance in support of him. It made for a later night and longer shift but well worth it.

Oh, my car broke down as I was leaving for work Friday evening so I wasn’t able to get it towed in until yesterday (Monday). They looked at it this morning, gave me a price and hope to have it for me tomorrow. This is the one time it is advantageous working opposing shifts with Lynda – we’ve been able to share her big-ass pick-up truck.

I’m trying to include a recent picture of Lynnie here that I really like but I cn’t tell if it will upload or not. Hopefully it does when I hit ‘publish’.


Night Drive Home

September 27, 2012

High beams highlight
the reaching limbs of trees
and truncated trunks

Long straights and tight turns
at high speed, visual static
smooths the mind

Music constant companion
vocal guitar drum and bass
‘Things That I Used To Do’

I don’t do no mo, no.


Unofficial: Summer is over

September 5, 2012

copyrighted... but borrowingMy mostly self-imposed summer blackout is over. I’m back; I’m better… maintenance dose of anti-depressants aside, I feel right with the world again. There will be opportunities to post again soon even as it has been busy times. Worked a 29 day stretch there where I was at work for a portion of all those days.

Out first few admissions were packing up today and leaving our care – 4 of them. Kinda sad but like mothers sending their kids off to the first day of school, excited to see them step out into their worlds again. We’ve don’t all we can; they have the tools and supports to continue their recovery as they see fit.

Lynda and I enjoyed her youngest brother Darryl’s wedding Saturday to his fiance Ria. Beauty weather, good crowd, music, & speeches… a little slow dancing. Couldn’t get g’son Owen off the dance floor. Good times.

Be back soon.



Special: Old Bird Sun

July 18, 2012

Happy 85th Birthday!!… and your insides appear to be just fine, young lady.


Sittin’ On Top Of The World

July 5, 2012

I was just listening to that song on the way home from work and thought it a pretty apt description of my state of mind these last couple of weeks. Sometimes it takes something external – like the prospect of new work – to nudge you over the final bump in your personal road. Looking back it is seeming clearer that part of the problem was operating so much of the time in isolation; probably 80 – 85% of the time I was alone either at home or at work. Phone calls, blogging & time spent ‘connecting’ via Facebook really don’t cut it although those means certainly give that illusion sometimes. Some of you used to be recipients of fairly regular and sometimes lengthy emails where we would share views on topics til we’d run the subject to ground. Haven’t done that in quite a while with anyone though I see that as a healthier means of communication. Not to worry because for months there I really wasn’t up to it. Now I won’t have time for it.


“Reach Out” – an unwanted portrait of my sister-in-law

So, in a snail mail letter to Kel I told her that I’ve considered lately deleting my blogs – the original ‘Constant Change’ and this one, too. I find it to be one of those things which is particularily difficult to decide…. I keep flip-flopping back and forth without reaching a decision one way or t’other. That’s in the wind so if you decide to take a romp throught these pages and wish to copy anything – go ahead.

Right now my focus is on completing my last series of shifts for my current employer and getting primed and ready for my new assignment. Review, review, review…. and Google alerts for current trends in addiction treatment. When I gave notice that I was leaving my job I told them I wanted to stay on as casual part-time staff. Tonight I was asked to choose from a selection of available shifts over the next month. I guess they really don’t want to lose me; who knew? Time to let them know my choices. Ciao fo now, peeps!