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Rowr!! Rowr!! Brownie Update…

May 31, 2009

I called home around 10:30, checking in with Lynda to see how the evening  had gone. The Guide leaders were just settling the girls into their tents.  The kids had been arriving one-by-one as I was leaving to come to work around 6. Their leader quickly got them into the process of putting up their own tents before getting into any of the fun stuff. Good thing cuz a short time later a cold front swept in bringing high winds and thunderstorms. I was sitting in a meeting hall with our guys and listening to the rain beating on the roof & thunder clapping, hoping that the storm wasn’t angled over toward our place. No such luck.

 Lynda said she’d never seen a storm come up so quick and fierce in all the time we’ve lived there. They whisked the kids inside through the basement patio doors while the adults ran around in the rain trying to prevent the tents from taking off into the next county. The lot of them got drenched to the ass. Once back inside and semi dry they got the girls decorating their flip-flop sandals, then gorged on some sort of Smores sandwiches and hot chocolate. Mmmmm…. lotsa chocolate.  Then they sat around and sang songs. They had to pass on building a fire as it was getting a little late once the storm had passed. The girls are after all just 7 & 8 years old.

Freedom completely freaks out whenever she hears any loud bang – a collision say, or fireworks and yes, thunder. Apparently a couple of the girls had taken a real shine to her and they petted and talked her through the storm. They oughta get a badge for that, I think.

As I was getting off the phone I wished Lynda an uneventful night – she was pooped and looking forward to a sound sleep. Rotsa ruck, honey.


Stumbling Along

May 31, 2009

A couple of questions re: WordPress ‘mechanics’.

1) About comments / commentors: Once a comment has been made by someone for the first time and that comment has been approved by me it seems that any subsequent comments are automatically ‘approved’ and are posted in real-time without the need for my approval. True?

2) I have my links set up to show a preview of the site when you hover the cursor over the blog name. Is there a reason that it isn’t necessarily the latest post that gets previewed? Or does it show the last post I viewed there?

Any input?? If anything more occurs to me I’m not too shy to ask again for help.

I feel I’m slowly getting the hang of things around WP but think I really ought to take a course (or invest some time in watching their tutorials). Yeah, good idea Norm.


– points, pointed, points-to-ponder…

May 30, 2009

– sister Linda flew out today on a two week holiday. 1 week in Wales with friends; 1 week touring around the Dublin area. I’ll be doing regular drop-ins on Mom; checking up.

– older brother Dave is in town for the weekend to visit Mom. lord, give her patience.

– later on today we play host to about a dozen Brownies – Lynda’s workmate’s Girl Guide troop. tents, campfire, singalongs, ghost stories…. sure wish i didn’t have to work.

– monday our older dog Freedom goes under the knife to repair tendon damage to one of her hind legs. 6 – 12 weeks until she’s back to normal, barring problems.

– my home A.A. group put on the in-house meeting here at the centre tonight. Bob was supposed to chair it but got a sudden case of nerves and asked me to step in – no problem. good meeting.

– i’ve been experiencing another cycle of my type of seizures (‘auras’) lately. they don’t engender a lot of creativity – annoying. i really ought to stop doing shift work.

– daughter Sarah enjoyed her b’day celebration wednesday – they had a bunch of friends over for a bbq dinner. i’m hoping she and her family will be able to visit this summer.

– son Russ & family will be visiting in early july. I finally get to meet my 10 month old g’daughter Madison. woo-hoo!!

– i’ve enjoyed receiving a couple of emails from blog friends lately. always happy to hear from you folks & exchange news. keep ’em coming.

-here’s a video link to a clip from the animated film ‘the point’ (1971)


Tagged – 7 Deadly Sins – Lie To Me

May 29, 2009

Amuirin tagged me with this meme that has been making the rounds. Most of the folks I would tag have already done it (with some pretty amusing results) so I won’t tag anyone – but I’m happy to play along.

Here is how it usually works though just in case you want to pick up the meme: Respond to each question about the 7 deadly sins by lying to me….. then tag 7 others.

What is your biggest contribution to the world?

Remember when drum solos were all the rage at rock concerts? Yup, I don’t normally brag on that but for once I’ll own up to it. The reason for them…. I came to realize that during long concerts there was a need for a break where all the guys could get into the groove and their dates could count on a good 10 minutes for a quick pee, a smoke and to brush their long tresses without missing their favourite song. No harm, no foul. Once I’d done it at a few shows I didn’t have a hard time convincing other drummers because everyone wants their moment in the sun. Now, bass solos are another matter entirely and I refuse to accept any responsibility for them whatsoever, amen.

Oh, what do you call a guy who likes to hang out with groups of musicians??  Answer: A drummer….. (Rimshot)

What do your coworkers have that you wish was yours?

Well, George’s Rolls Royce is pretty damned fine. Oops, shit! I was supposed to be lying, wasn’t I? I’m lying, honestly. I am.

What did you eat last night?

A piece of sky…. that bit next to where Venus rises each morning. You’ll notice a couple of small stars are missing if you look closely.

What really lights your fire?

Full contact, free-style ballroom dancing. A small audience, big dance floor, a spotlight following, judges…..

What is the last thing that really pissed you off?

A street performing mime who wouldn’t get out of my way until I threw some money in his jar. I hope there was no video set-up there – it could be used as evidence if it ever comes to trial. The stunned look on his face was worth the $2 and aggravation though. Faked him right out of his make-up.

Name something you hoard and keep from others:

(                                                 ) That would be telling, silly.

What’s the laziest thing you ever did?

There was the time I woke up with warm urine soaked sheets clinging to me. My first thought was, ‘no need to get up and go to the can now, is there?’. As I rolled over and went back to sleep my last thought was, ‘Lord, I hope it’s my pee….. zzzz’. 

Go on now – tag someone and lie to me!!!


Missing Children

May 28, 2009

** Update – If you’ve seen this before please see addendum below – thanks**

Most of us are fortunate enough that we never know this sort of loss  and ongoing anguish over unanswered questions-

Seeing as how I was unable to leave a comment at Mystery’s blog – tech glitch – I’ll put up an updated version of an appropriate song. Music obviously plays a huge part in her life. Thanks Lea for your post and photo of Owen at a young age.

**Addendum – I likely shouldn’t have posted this in it’s original form without some explanation or perspective added. Mea culpa – it was getting toward the end of my shift and those expressions just weren’t forthcoming at the time.

As a parent, and now a grandparent, Mystery’s subject and experience completely nail one of my biggest fears. That fear being that one of my children or grandchildren should be suddenly absent from my life whether through a disappearance like her adult son’s, via an accident or act of violence.

Our media in the Greater Toronto area has been rife with occurances just like Mystery’s Owen these last couple of weeks. Young adults who are in the midst of living busy lives and who simply disappear…. no clues, no trail, no word, no contact. Gone! I’m quite sure I wouldn’t handle a situation like that well if it involved one of my loved ones.

On a similar tack – an ongoing story in the southern part of this province is the abduction and murder of 8 year old Tori Stafford of Woodstock, ON. Police chose not to issue an ‘Amber Alert’ the day she disappeared; instead treating it as a missing person case. Apparently not all the criteria were met in order for that alert to be issued and many fear this call cost young Tori her life. There is an on-line petition circulating which I signed last night that aims to get changes made to that legislation . It was 6 weeks before police laid murder charges and there has been an intensive search conducted for the last week trying to find her remains. Witnessing her parents anguish on TV has been hard to bear.

In any case both Mystery and Lea’s posts moved me and caused me to reflect on how I would  react in tragic circumstance and also the effect of what I’ve been seeing in the news lately. God bless everyone who has been through this sort of loss.


Tinkering and Tweaking

May 28, 2009

Tinker’s damn! There is an art project I’m supposed to be working on but I keep getting distracted. You know – catching up reading blogmates offerings, writing and replying to emails, and fiddling with settings here on WordPress.

Tonight I’ve edited some links, added a category wordcloud and a Site Meter (which won’t give as many details as back on Blogspot by the looks of things).

Here’s a highly inventive video produced for Taj Mahal’s version of Cab Calloway’s ‘Reefer Man’. I heard it played while driving to work tonight and thought it was really good.

But really – Don’t Do Drugs!!


May 27th, 1981…..

May 27, 2009
Sarahs self portrait
Sarah’s self portrait

…… is one of the happiest days of my life because that is when my daughter Sarah was born.

6:12 a.m.; 9 lb., 1 0z.; a fiesty girl with a great set of lungs.
She took this shot on the way home from a conference in Atlanta, GA this past weekend. Winding down….