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Catching Up On Kudos / Credit

May 14, 2009

(cross posted from The Only Constant Is Change)

A couple of weeks ago I posted about being prompted / inspired to return to lending my hand to some form of artwork or another. I’ve been fortunate here in getting to see, and know a little bit, some very talented writers, photographers, artists and hobbyists. The prompt to action has been brewing for quite awhile and I’ve gained that inspiration through seeing the work of various people – Kel at ‘the xfacta’ through her ‘Art Attack’ challenges, Robin at ‘Bountiful Healing’, Lea at ‘Lea Kelley Saying Thank You For…’, among a number of others…..

In this post, I singled out QuoinMonkey’s series on mandalas over at ‘red Ravine’ for getting me going on them. I downloaded some and have spent a bit of time using my new art supplies colouring them in – getting used to the materials and working with them and the colours again; tuning my eye and hands in.

The other person I credit with providing that nudge into action is QM’s partner at ‘red Ravine’, ybonesy, with her series of posts regarding the evolution and process of a brilliant graphic she produced. yb periodically attaches what she refers to as her ‘doodles’ to her posts but these posts took it all to a higher level. The initial one that really caught my eye described the process, her inspiration and the materials she chose – you can see it here in ‘The Making of a Painter’:
A couple of weeks later the finished project appeared here – scroll down to ‘The Other’:
…and a few days later a variation on the theme:
Powerful stuff to be sure.

Thanks again QM. Thanks ybonesy. Thanks to everyone who has provided positive example and encouragement. I needed that!