Strong Lines

May 15, 2009

As I was up way earlier than I wanted to be today I cobbled together a few drafts to post when I feel particularly brain-dead; like tonight. A couple of these shots are from my digital camera (which is getting old and cranky lately); the others are taken with my cell phone. Here we go – buildings and architectural details.

Gallery Atria

Gallery Atria

 I used to do work with foster kids who were having problems with substance and generally combined counselling sessions with a recreational activity. Quite often, because of time of year and overall availability I’d wind up taking them bowling or to shoot pool before a sit down session over pop or coffee. Just to change things up one day I took young Dylan to our city’s art gallery to see what he thought about what he saw there. He had some artistic ability himself but hadn’t had much exposure to professional artist’s output. Of course I wasn’t allowed to shoot any pictures inside the gallery areas but I snuck this one off in the atria. The gallery is named for one of the progeny of the founder of the Buick line of GM vehicles. Gallery website is here:


Look Waaaay Up
Look Waaaay Up

 About a year ago I spent a couple of weeks working at our central intake and assessment centre in downtown Toronto. It turned out not to be a good fit for me as I didn’t care for a steady diet of assessments, endless phone intakes and data entry on the computer. The day I decided I’d had enough and would return to this facility I thought I’d look like a yokel and take a shot for posterity of the really tall building facing our offices. Guess I should have leaned back a little further in order to get the last few floors in the frame.



Wednesday night we were killing time before entering a meeting when I noticed these nice new shiny flue pipes that had just been installed on the back of the hall. I had hoped the reflection and colour of the trees would show up a little better but it was indirect lighting. Note to self – go back in the morning on a sunny day.  Actually, sitting back and looking at it – it looks like two eyes and a long straight nose.

Church Stained Glass Window

Church Stained Glass Window

Where it comes to attending church I’ve become a wedding and funeral sort of guy. (You know… despite best intentions and all.) I was surprised I didn’t get struck by lightning a couple of weeks ago when I went to PJ and Tina’s re-do of their wedding vows. The motif above was repeated along the length of the church and set diagonally in the walls. Caught my eye.



  1. interesting shots there Norm

    it always fascinates me how doodling and playing around with arty stuff can trigger off a massive art attack in one’s life – seeing everything through an artistic eye

    this is a great example

    lovely to see

  2. I’ve found it much easier to catch images ‘on the spot’ having been carrying around my cell phone these last couple of years. I just have to remain mindful of the fact it’s with me to be used.
    Arts and photography go hand in hand, don’t they??

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