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Bootlegged Bob

May 16, 2009

Some of you might recall from back in November just how thoroughly bitched I was after attending the Bob Dylan concert here in town. I got a few posts out of that with all my complaining and crapping on about the abysmally awful sound quality. Lynda and I were appalled and left feeling completely ripped off.

The point of this post?? Well!! Lemme tell ya!! One of our volunteer counsellors came up with a couple of bootleg discs from that very show! Woo-Hoo!! So I spent some time tonight ripping and burning them and have been listening to the show we didn’t get to hear that night. Even with this being a counterfeit recording played on wee computer speakers it sounds a helluva lot better than from where we sat that night. Must have a listen on the home sound system.

I have to give the man credit, big-time, after just looking at his touring schedule for the past year. For a guy his age he keeps up a grueling pace. (He turns 68 on May 24th.) He’s on a little hiatus right now but resumes touring in the States on July 1 in support of his new album, ‘Together Through Life’.  Schedule here: I haven’t heard anything from the new album but it’s getting favorable reviews.

high contrast colorful bob

high contrast colorful bob