Bootlegged Bob

May 16, 2009

Some of you might recall from back in November just how thoroughly bitched I was after attending the Bob Dylan concert here in town. I got a few posts out of that with all my complaining and crapping on about the abysmally awful sound quality. Lynda and I were appalled and left feeling completely ripped off.

The point of this post?? Well!! Lemme tell ya!! One of our volunteer counsellors came up with a couple of bootleg discs from that very show! Woo-Hoo!! So I spent some time tonight ripping and burning them and have been listening to the show we didn’t get to hear that night. Even with this being a counterfeit recording played on wee computer speakers it sounds a helluva lot better than from where we sat that night. Must have a listen on the home sound system.

I have to give the man credit, big-time, after just looking at his touring schedule for the past year. For a guy his age he keeps up a grueling pace. (He turns 68 on May 24th.) He’s on a little hiatus right now but resumes touring in the States on July 1 in support of his new album, ‘Together Through Life’.  Schedule here: http://www.boblinks.com/. I haven’t heard anything from the new album but it’s getting favorable reviews.

high contrast colorful bob

high contrast colorful bob


  1. Oh good! At least you finally got to hear it. 🙂

  2. This has nothing to do with Dylan, or bootlegging, or Hi-Fi sound. I just wanted to welcome you to WordPress.

    Last concert I did go see was Weird Al…Frigging great show! Don’t need no bootlegs that’s what YouTube and my persoanl collection of TAPES and CDs. (yes I still have tapes…Hmmm some of them are getting kinda worn out though. May have to upgrade them to CD soon.)

  3. Glad to see you Raolin and thanks for stopping by.
    Tapes! I still have a ton of them plus a few 8-tracks and about 500 albums on vinyl + some 78’s. Must dig out that turntable and re-live some of my past.

  4. @ Robin – Yeah, about time, eh? Now I feel I might get my moneys worth finally.

  5. I saw Dylan about 15 years ago in Miami when he opened for Carlos Santana. Dylan was awful, he performed the entire set with his back to the audience. I was able to figure out 1 song and that was All Along The Watchtower and that was purely by accident. As I said to a person sitting next to me, that performance was probably what it’s like trying to learn Japanese in Havana…

    R(etc… )

  6. @ R(etc…) – In my original post I mentioned having seen him back around ’85 and swearing I’d never go see him live again…. much as I love his studio output.
    This experience was much the same as yours… didn’t acknowledge the crowd until the band introducion before the encore; the sound was so muddy you couldn’t decipher which song it was nevermind make out the lyrics.
    Having been stung twice now I can safely say, ‘Never AGAIN!!’

  7. Norm, I would sort of throw Van Morrison into the bad experience camp, unfortunately. I saw him New Years Eve 96/7. $150 per ticket. He let his backup singer (who was very good but that’s not the point) sing moondance and several other “classics”. There were not a lot of happy campers that night.

    R(etc… )

  8. @ R(etc…) Yes, I’ve heard his performances can be mercurial. You don’t know which version of Van is going to show up on any particluar night. He’s one of the major names I haven’t seen and would be wary of plunking my money down to do so. Got a ton of his music in the collection though from right through the years.

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