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Immediate Past / Immediate Future

May 17, 2009

Earlier tonight I escorted our clients to a meeting where my friend Cindy recieved a medallion celebrating one year of sobriety. Toward the end of my shift last night I got out my markers and made her a congratulatory card –  she loved it. Great meeting; lots of heartfelt emotion expressed and appreciation for the fellowship in the rooms of A.A. Gotta love recovery in action!

My week wraps up in another hour or two, then I zoom off home for a few hours sleep. I have to be at a monthly committee meeting just after noontime and then I can relax the rest of the day away (unless Lynda has other plans for me). I’m looking forward, in the evening, to seeing the latest installment of Elvis Costello’s ‘Spectacle’ which features Rufus Wainwright. Last week it was a brilliant interview with former president Bill Clinton talking about the influence of music in his life. If you aren’t familiar with the show here is a link: Lord, it’s nice to have something on TV worth watching!

Monday is a holiday here so Lynda and I will have a rare day to spend together. If the plan holds together we’re heading off to see our grandson Owen for the day. Providing we make it back into town in time I have my homegroup meeting to attend – if not, missing one won’t kill me and I’m sure it’ll get put on quite well without me.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Ciao.