Actual Conversation

May 20, 2009
?? Little Blue Flowers ??

?? Little Blue Flowers ??

Me: Hey hon? What’s the name of those little blue flowers? You know, the ones we seeded a couple of years ago.

Lynda: You’re kidding, right?? Joking? You mean the seeds we got in the mail after making a donation to the Alzheimer’s Society!?!?

Me: Yeah, those would be the ones.

Lynda: Those ‘little blue flowers’ are FORGET-ME-NOTS !!! (mutter, grumble, curses under breath)

Me: Ooohhhh……… er, uh, thanks hon. (maybe this years donation should be a little larger, he surmises)


?? Little White Flowers ??

?? Little White Flowers ??

Naming flowers isn’t exactly my strong suit. These ones above might be some sort of crocus but I’m not betting on it. A good name for them would be ‘Starry White’, I think. 

?? Some Kind of Tree ??

?? Some Kind of Tree ??

Not so great with varieties of trees either. I know this one winds up with small, red berries that the birds, squirrels and bats quite like.

So, has anyone seen my memory laying around? I had it just… well, awhile ago.

Lord, I’m glad it is springtime. Today was the first day it was actually too warm for comfort – around 80F. But I ain’t complaining; I just need a little time for adjustment. ‘Lovin’ Every Minute Of It’.


  1. LOL, Norm! I love your captions. I’m not very good at identifying flowers, trees, etc., either. I chalk it up to the fact that I can’t remember names very well. Any names. I have the same problem with people. Names escape me all the time.

    But I can recite long strings of numbers that I quickly memorized 20 years ago. Heh. And song lyrics. My head is filled with song lyrics. In fact, I blame the song lyrics for my inability to remember other things. They’re cluttering up the place.

  2. Glad you liked the levity Robin. I used to have such a good memory… what was I saying.. oh, yeah. I think I did myself some damage through the years cuz I’m not only bad at flowers and trees but like you people’s names don’t exactly leap to mind. It can be very embarrassing at times.

    We could play ‘Name That Tune’ though.

  3. you won’t forget that one again
    well I won’t anyhow 🙂

  4. Yeah, I think I have that one down pat now. Thank God it’s common name isn’t a Latin one.

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