Seasonal Contrast

May 22, 2009
yard & green-belt

yard & green-belt

This time of year everything is greening up and filling in (although I picked this shot up from a year or two ago). I’m loving the warmth, to say the least. For a zoomed in shot of the evergreens at the very left of this shot from just a few short months ago, see below.



This has been a very busy week full of yardwork, keeping appointments, running myself and my Mom around town on errands and tending to the 4 pets. Lynda and I have a full slate planned for tomorrow so I’ll be back but perhaps not until I make it back to work Sunday night.

Local news has been full of the GM truck plant closure here a week ago putting 2,600 out of work. Thankfully we still have the Canadian GM head office and the car plant still in operation. GM and the CAW stayed at the bargaining table long past the gov’t imposed deadline in an effort to reduce wage costs. Apparently they have come to an agreement which I imagine will have to be voted on by union membership. If it comes into play the promised gov’t subsidy money will be able to start flowing provided GM isn’t forced into bankruptcy. The local economy is in a shambles as everyone holds their collective breath waiting to see what happens.


  1. that belt sure is green – just lovely
    i can understand why after grey, black, white for sometime it would be so welcome

    such big numbers of people laid off
    having been through it myself over the past 5 months, i have some experience of what they and their families will go through

    it is very hard

  2. This time of year is the big ‘re-awakening’ for me with the warmth, colour ands smells of spring.

    There is a huge trickle down effect of that closure with all the parts suppliers having laid off workers in the last few months as well. The dominos continue to fall and will for months to come.

    It is hard but there is always hope for the future.

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