Missing Children

May 28, 2009

** Update – If you’ve seen this before please see addendum below – thanks**

Most of us are fortunate enough that we never know this sort of loss  and ongoing anguish over unanswered questions-


Seeing as how I was unable to leave a comment at Mystery’s blog – tech glitch – I’ll put up an updated version of an appropriate song. Music obviously plays a huge part in her life. Thanks Lea for your post and photo of Owen at a young age.

**Addendum – I likely shouldn’t have posted this in it’s original form without some explanation or perspective added. Mea culpa – it was getting toward the end of my shift and those expressions just weren’t forthcoming at the time.

As a parent, and now a grandparent, Mystery’s subject and experience completely nail one of my biggest fears. That fear being that one of my children or grandchildren should be suddenly absent from my life whether through a disappearance like her adult son’s, via an accident or act of violence.

Our media in the Greater Toronto area has been rife with occurances just like Mystery’s Owen these last couple of weeks. Young adults who are in the midst of living busy lives and who simply disappear…. no clues, no trail, no word, no contact. Gone! I’m quite sure I wouldn’t handle a situation like that well if it involved one of my loved ones.

On a similar tack – an ongoing story in the southern part of this province is the abduction and murder of 8 year old Tori Stafford of Woodstock, ON. Police chose not to issue an ‘Amber Alert’ the day she disappeared; instead treating it as a missing person case. Apparently not all the criteria were met in order for that alert to be issued and many fear this call cost young Tori her life. There is an on-line petition circulating which I signed last night that aims to get changes made to that legislation . It was 6 weeks before police laid murder charges and there has been an intensive search conducted for the last week trying to find her remains. Witnessing her parents anguish on TV has been hard to bear.

In any case both Mystery and Lea’s posts moved me and caused me to reflect on how I would  react in tragic circumstance and also the effect of what I’ve been seeing in the news lately. God bless everyone who has been through this sort of loss.


  1. Just devastating. Like you, Norm, this is one of those horrors you try not to creep into your thoughts. But it does.

  2. Like most, I suppose, I try to be mindful of those sorts of dangers but not paranoid and ruled by those fears. My heart breaks when I hear about these situations… and there but for the grace of God go I…..

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