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May 30, 2009

– sister Linda flew out today on a two week holiday. 1 week in Wales with friends; 1 week touring around the Dublin area. I’ll be doing regular drop-ins on Mom; checking up.

– older brother Dave is in town for the weekend to visit Mom. lord, give her patience.

– later on today we play host to about a dozen Brownies – Lynda’s workmate’s Girl Guide troop. tents, campfire, singalongs, ghost stories…. sure wish i didn’t have to work.

– monday our older dog Freedom goes under the knife to repair tendon damage to one of her hind legs. 6 – 12 weeks until she’s back to normal, barring problems.

– my home A.A. group put on the in-house meeting here at the centre tonight. Bob was supposed to chair it but got a sudden case of nerves and asked me to step in – no problem. good meeting.

– i’ve been experiencing another cycle of my type of seizures (‘auras’) lately. they don’t engender a lot of creativity – annoying. i really ought to stop doing shift work.

– daughter Sarah enjoyed her b’day celebration wednesday – they had a bunch of friends over for a bbq dinner. i’m hoping she and her family will be able to visit this summer.

– son Russ & family will be visiting in early july. I finally get to meet my 10 month old g’daughter Madison. woo-hoo!!

– i’ve enjoyed receiving a couple of emails from blog friends lately. always happy to hear from you folks & exchange news. keep ’em coming.

-here’s a video link to a clip from the animated film ‘the point’ (1971)