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May 30, 2009

– sister Linda flew out today on a two week holiday. 1 week in Wales with friends; 1 week touring around the Dublin area. I’ll be doing regular drop-ins on Mom; checking up.

– older brother Dave is in town for the weekend to visit Mom. lord, give her patience.

– later on today we play host to about a dozen Brownies – Lynda’s workmate’s Girl Guide troop. tents, campfire, singalongs, ghost stories…. sure wish i didn’t have to work.

– monday our older dog Freedom goes under the knife to repair tendon damage to one of her hind legs. 6 – 12 weeks until she’s back to normal, barring problems.

– my home A.A. group put on the in-house meeting here at the centre tonight. Bob was supposed to chair it but got a sudden case of nerves and asked me to step in – no problem. good meeting.

– i’ve been experiencing another cycle of my type of seizures (‘auras’) lately. they don’t engender a lot of creativity – annoying. i really ought to stop doing shift work.

– daughter Sarah enjoyed her b’day celebration wednesday – they had a bunch of friends over for a bbq dinner. i’m hoping she and her family will be able to visit this summer.

– son Russ & family will be visiting in early july. I finally get to meet my 10 month old g’daughter Madison. woo-hoo!!

– i’ve enjoyed receiving a couple of emails from blog friends lately. always happy to hear from you folks & exchange news. keep ’em coming.

-here’s a video link to a clip from the animated film ‘the point’ (1971)


  1. I haven’t had a chance to read this yet, but just noticed your header and thought “Wow! I like that!”

  2. Hope Freedom gets through the whole thing well and quickly.

    Sorry to hear about the seizures. 😦

    I’d forgotten that you have a Madison too. 🙂

    Will watch the video now.

  3. @ Robin – Remember a long time ago I posted some altered photos that I’d run through Dumpr?? This header is another more recent one.
    I’ll be sticking close to home this week for Freedom’s sake – poor baby.
    Yes, when you announced Madison’s birth and name I thought ‘how cool is that?’. Lucky us, eh?

  4. cute little movie with a message there Norm 🙂

    sorry to hear you’re going through a series of seizures again 😦

    wishing Freedom well in her recovery

  5. Thanks Kel – I remember seeing that movie back when it ran on TV around ’71 or ’72 and thought it was the coolest. The post title reminded me of it.

    The original had narration by Dustin Hoffman and songs by Harry Nilsson. The recent re-issue has narration by Ringo Starr.

    It’s posted on YouTube in segments – this was just one of them.

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