Rowr!! Rowr!! Brownie Update…

May 31, 2009

I called home around 10:30, checking in with Lynda to see how the evening  had gone. The Guide leaders were just settling the girls into their tents.  The kids had been arriving one-by-one as I was leaving to come to work around 6. Their leader quickly got them into the process of putting up their own tents before getting into any of the fun stuff. Good thing cuz a short time later a cold front swept in bringing high winds and thunderstorms. I was sitting in a meeting hall with our guys and listening to the rain beating on the roof & thunder clapping, hoping that the storm wasn’t angled over toward our place. No such luck.

 Lynda said she’d never seen a storm come up so quick and fierce in all the time we’ve lived there. They whisked the kids inside through the basement patio doors while the adults ran around in the rain trying to prevent the tents from taking off into the next county. The lot of them got drenched to the ass. Once back inside and semi dry they got the girls decorating their flip-flop sandals, then gorged on some sort of Smores sandwiches and hot chocolate. Mmmmm…. lotsa chocolate.  Then they sat around and sang songs. They had to pass on building a fire as it was getting a little late once the storm had passed. The girls are after all just 7 & 8 years old.

Freedom completely freaks out whenever she hears any loud bang – a collision say, or fireworks and yes, thunder. Apparently a couple of the girls had taken a real shine to her and they petted and talked her through the storm. They oughta get a badge for that, I think.

As I was getting off the phone I wished Lynda an uneventful night – she was pooped and looking forward to a sound sleep. Rotsa ruck, honey.


  1. It sounds like a good time in spite of the storm. Lots of chocolate is mandatory at that sort of thing. 😉

  2. Isn’t chocolate essential to a balanced diet?? and one of the major food groups. My day isn’t complete without it.
    Yes, it sounds like they had a blast and wound up having a small fire Sunday morning after I went to bed for the day. They broke camp and were on their way by noon.

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