Stumbling Along

May 31, 2009

A couple of questions re: WordPress ‘mechanics’.

1) About comments / commentors: Once a comment has been made by someone for the first time and that comment has been approved by me it seems that any subsequent comments are automatically ‘approved’ and are posted in real-time without the need for my approval. True?

2) I have my links set up to show a preview of the site when you hover the cursor over the blog name. Is there a reason that it isn’t necessarily the latest post that gets previewed? Or does it show the last post I viewed there?

Any input?? If anything more occurs to me I’m not too shy to ask again for help.

I feel I’m slowly getting the hang of things around WP but think I really ought to take a course (or invest some time in watching their tutorials). Yeah, good idea Norm.



  1. Norm,

    1 is true.

    2 is dependent upon the snap preview cache.

    3 you’re doing fine.

    R(eyc… )

  2. Ron – thanks for the info and confirmation AND encouragement.

  3. An amendment to one- that’s the default status. You can set your blog, through the dashboard to any of three settings. The current, or blog administrator has to approve all, or no approval necessary for any comments. Kinda up to you.

    You’ve probably figured out that you can follow comment threads from your dashboard by pushing ‘my comments’… it shows you your comments on wordpress blogs and follow-ups.

    No idea about the snap-shot thing.

  4. Thanks Am. re: 1) this is the way I like it, so the folks I know will have their comments show right away. (With my shifts it can sometimes be hours before I would get a chance to review and approve them otherwise.)

    I had cottoned on to the ‘my comments’ thingy.

    I’m still looking for where I would adjust the snapshot setting – edit links maybe?

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