Dark Reflections

June 4, 2009
Walk into the light

Walk into the light

 We had a few very cool, very wet nights last week while I was working so I killed a bit of time by knocking off a few shots with my cell phone camera. This is the rain soaked and splattered deck in back of  ‘the house’.

Dim self-portrait

Dim self-portrait

If you look really closely that is me staring back from the murk.

Moon & Venus

Moon & Venus

See those couple of bright pixels to the right and below the moon?? That would be Venus. Not bad for a low light one-handed grab.



We had Freedom lying out in the front yard last night for a couple of hours – we were patiently waiting for her to decide to pee. She must have a ‘shy bladder’ cuz she will only go 2 or 3 times a day. Otherwise she is doing fine and getting quite used to being waited on despite not being able to bear weight on the one leg.


  1. Those are pretty darn good for phone camera shots.

    I love Freedom’s white eyebrows. 😉

  2. Yeah, I was happiest with the moon & venus shot. These cell cameras sure are handy and I’m constantly surprised by the quality of the images.

    Freedom’s face is getting whiter as she gets older but those eyebrows do add to her expressions. She’s a pretty girl.

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