Enforced Idleness

June 8, 2009
Abstract Construction

Abstract Construction

A typical night to lead off the week back at work tonight; I’ve organized myself and straightened out a couple of small messes. I’ve also browsed around all my regular reads and caught up on days worth of posts.

So, picture this… it’s 7 days since Freedom had her surgery. We agreed that in order to protect her we would follow instructions and keep her as calm and immobilized as possible. BUT, we didn’t want to have her crated all the time and feeling isolated so we’ve pretty much camped out in the living room keeping her company. Besides a couch, a couple of chairs and small tables there is also Freedom’s dog-bed and a double size mattress lying on the floor. Lynda slept with her the night of the surgery and the following night; I took the next couple; we slept there together the last two. Lynda arranged for a week holiday so as to be around for her this week while I’m on nights. A pair of nuts who spoil their pets – that’s us. Thursday and Friday evenings, as well as all day Saturday, were BEAUTIFUL so we had her lying out on the front lawn for hours at a time under the crab-apple tree.

I learned two things last week. 1) – I’m not good with doing nothing. The first few days I found really frustrating being bound in place simply attending to her. Thursday evening was the first time all week that I felt any measure of ease. Not to say that I didn’t take an hour or two out here and there – I just feel that unless I’m doing something useful that I’m wasting time and ought to be DOING something. 2) – Freedom really is a good dog and a good patient 90% of the time. Being female she’s an independent beast and wants to do for herself despite being waited on and tended to. She has a tendency to spit her antibiotic pills back at me if I don’t get them placed far enough back on her tongue and her snout clamped shut quickly. Leave the room for a couple of minutes and she’s up on three legs heading for the door or her water dish – and not because she needs a drink or to be outside. Just because, dammit!! Anyway, there is to be another full week of very limited walking as the vet doesn’t want her wearing out her good back leg.

One really dramatic change is how Milo has behaved since bringing Freedom back home after the operation. Normally he is so high energy and full of bounce that he has already crashed into something before realizing it is in his vicinity. So far he hasn’t made any fast moves anywhere around Freedom and saves his energy for outside tears around the yard. Bloody amazing. He’s growing up to be a really good dog, too. The cats have been making their individual approaches, sucking her up and occasionally grooming her for a few minutes at a time.

Seeing as how our home computer is stashed away in a cubbyhole of a basement room my computer time last week was very limited, to say the least. It’s about time to go wireless I think.

Okay – the photo above. Yes, it’s a re-print from the old blog but I like it so much I thought it worth a repeat posting. I find my eye is drawn to two of the rocks in it – one for shape, first of all; then one for colour, second. The anomalies. Oval, then rusty. Look again and see where it is your eye goes.



  1. My eye is firstly drawn to that dark brown rectangular one. And then straight away to the ones underneath it. I like those ones!

    I really like you and your wife, too. Sleeping with your dog – I did the same thing a few weeks ago. Slept on the couch so I could be near him when he was sick.

    I am out of touch here. Obviously the surgery went well and everything, yay!!

    That is amazing about Milo, isn’t it? They just know somehow. That’s beautiful 🙂

  2. Hiya Sue – yeah, by all means come around more often & keep in touch.

    Thanks for your kind comments. Yes, the surgery went fine and the incision looks great. She just needs help getting around and to stay lying down as much as possible.

    The switch around with Milo is remarkable and I hope it lasts. He can be pretty agressive in his playing around the yard.

    Glad you like the pic.

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