June 8, 2009


Late Friday afternoon 30 rail cars derailed less than a mile west of our place. The line runs beyond the greenbelt behind our house and just across a small creek. As a result there have been news choppers flitting about over the weekend but otherwise there has been an eerie silence about the neighbourhood. Lynda has positively been in her glory as until we moved here almost 10 years ago she had never lived near a rail line before. I grew up close to one so they’ve never really bothered me unless it’s a particularly noisy one. Yup, just a couple of heavy maintenance and repair vehicles have moved up the line and nothing else. Beautiful!

No injuries reported; a few backyard fences got busted in; evacuation of residents within a 1,000 metre radius for about 24 hours because of diesel fuel fire and some chemical cargo that had to be off-loaded.



  1. Wow. That’s a big ooops!

  2. It’s good… that the train wreck was sorta anti-climactic.

    It almost just looks awkward, lying on its side. Not like some big thing happened to it.

  3. wow it certainly went off the rails in a big way,
    although in reality, perhaps not as it looks like it’s still attached to that big bendy bit up in the air

  4. I do like the shape of that big bendy bit. Looks like a sculpture 🙂

  5. Thanks all!!
    It all turned out very fortunately as the chemicals it was transporting didn’t spill. I can recall one derailment west of Toronto that resulted in a quarter million being evacuated because of a toxic spill.
    I’ll see if I can track down an aerial shot showing the site in all it’s glory. This shot was emailed to me by a friend and was taken by a friend of his who lives in the evacuated area – should have mentioned that previously.
    A terrific amount of force created that ‘big bendy bit’ from a length of steel rail. Hey, I liked it.

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