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June 11, 2009

Sucked in; that’s what I got.

There is an email circulating about how we’re to soon have our closest encounter with the planet Mars in eons. Hmmm, I thought… pretty interesting as I like checking the sky periodically for things of an unusual nature. So I promptly forwarded it on to some other folks who I thought would like a heads-up about this rarity. A once in a lifetime occurrence.


Awhile after I sent it, it occurred to me that something this significant would certainly be mentioned over at ‘Sky & Telescope’ and I’d be able to get full details. Well, I did….. they had a specific post about this bogus email which apparently has gone round the globe annually since 2003.

“p.s. – Hi again; Norm here. That Mars email I sent?? Chuck it; it’s crap! Bye.”