June 11, 2009

Sucked in; that’s what I got.

There is an email circulating about how we’re to soon have our closest encounter with the planet Mars in eons. Hmmm, I thought… pretty interesting as I like checking the sky periodically for things of an unusual nature. So I promptly forwarded it on to some other folks who I thought would like a heads-up about this rarity. A once in a lifetime occurrence.


Awhile after I sent it, it occurred to me that something this significant would certainly be mentioned over at ‘Sky & Telescope’ and I’d be able to get full details. Well, I did….. they had a specific post about this bogus email which apparently has gone round the globe annually since 2003.

“p.s. – Hi again; Norm here. That Mars email I sent?? Chuck it; it’s crap! Bye.”



  1. How cool for pranksters with the internet these days. They can create an elaborate joke and then watch it go on round the world for six years!

  2. Yup, just goes to show you that you can’t take all these sorts of info as gospel. I don’t know what made me decide to check it out but it just seemed that something like that would have been reported in the major media. Glad I did now.

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