June 12, 2009


I haven’t written much this week cuz I’ve spent some time tweaking things here on the blog and making a few additions. The selection of tutorials that I pulled up and viewed for this version of WordPress were pretty limited I thought. Most of the material covered was stuff I had already figured out on my own. One thing I’m still a little confused about is the difference between the ‘Profile’ page and the ‘About’ page (as you’ll see if you click on my ‘About’ page – I copied and pasted that blurb from the profile page. It also took me a while to figure out how to display ‘About’ but finally finagled that one.

Other additions: 1) Well, because Lea Kelley has suspended her daily posts at ‘Lea Kelley Saying Thank You For…’ I decided to add a link to her fine art gallery page. Her usual link will stay up because it contains so much great writing and (I hope) someday she will decide to revive it.

2) I added another link category for ‘On-Line Listening’ which to begin with contains links for CBC Radio 2’s FM feed of live streaming audio – choose which feed you want by region at the right. Also, America’s NPR – National Public Radio. I’ve provided an entry point with their station list – right now I’m listening to 89.3 from St. Paul, MN. You can choose by city, state or music type. Through NPR I’ll be able to catch up on Garrison Keillor’s ‘A Prairie Home Companion’ show. I might add further links for a couple of local stations.



I hadn’t dug out my art materials for a number of days but I did last night hoping to come up with something for Kel’s latest Art Attack Challenge over at xfacta. Unfortunately I’m having a little trouble getting used to working with oil pastels and wasn’t pleased with the outcome. Check Kel’s most recent post for her exciting news; she has self-published a book using ‘Blurb’ in regard to the building of their home ‘Anamrae’. The book is titled ‘Soulspace’.


We’ve heard a couple of remarkable speakers at A.A. meetings we’ve attended this week. One of them, Dorathea who has 53 year sobriety, referred to something that was a staple in the early days of A.A., ‘The 4 Absolutes’ (which were an import from the ‘Oxford Group’ in England). They are: absolute honesty, absolute unselfishness, absolute love, & absolute purity. For more on them and relation to biblical texts see here. She related about having met Bill W. at the world conference in Toronto back in the 60’s and their ensuing discussion about recovery.


These last couple of days have been a bit of a trial in that last night was one of those ones that didn’t seem to want to end; the hands on the clock were in slo-mo for sure. I got home exhausted, fell into bed and wound up oversleeping… having to rush around, clean myself up, eat and jump into the car for the ride back to work. Tonight is moving along much better, thank you very much.

One bit of good news last night was a call from my boss thanking me for some work I’d done with one of our clients the night before. Apparently the fellow told my boss that if we hadn’t talked he was ready to self-discharge and leave the program. “No problem John… all part of a days work around here.” He’s invited me to lunch one day next week for a gab session.


This was sent by cousin BJ today from the daily readings of the Dalai Lama. I like what he has to say about remorse.

“Guilt as experienced in western culture, is connected with hopelessness and discouragement and is past oriented.

Genuine remorse however is a healthy state of mind – it is future oriented connected with hope, and causes us to act, to change.”


That’s it; that’s all… unless you want to hear my friend John’s joke about the guy who invited his pet centipede out for a beer?!?!



  1. goodie! your new links will give me some entertainment for this cold wintry day in the southern hemisphere – am looking forward to checking out the online listening links, although it will probably rip through our monthly download quota pretty fast

    oil pastels are interesting to use aren’t they? when I explain them to a client or workshop group, I call them a goopier version of a crayon, meaning they have more body 🙂
    i prefer soft pastels, cos i like the option of softening them to a blend if required, but half the fun is trying things out to discover new mediums and techniques

    you have a nice boss, one who can acknowledge staff in a timely manner for work well done, they are a rare breed – nice bit of validation for the working week – yay you 🙂

  2. My cousin BJ got me onto listening to CBC Radio 2 a year or two ago. They block out the day with different sorts of music – contemporary, classical, jazz, experimental / ambient. Look too for their Concerts On Demand page.
    A mention a while ago by Robin reminded me to go looking for the Prairie Home Companion show. It’s a scripted show with regular participants and always has great music.

    I’ll have an eye for the soft pastels and see if I don’t like them better. I played around recently with a variety pack of conte crayons too and like them for their warm tones. They blend well.

    My boss John is a great guy in that respect. (Though not without his faults but hey, he’s the boss.)

  3. Did you steal the one about the centipede from my blog?


  4. 🙂 Now you know I wouldn’t do such a thing Sue!!

    I’m glad it has legs enough to spread cheer about the globe though.

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