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Tail Wags Dog

June 13, 2009

Ya know, it’s a given. I’m an alcoholic; albeit a recovering one…. (and I do continue to recover.) It’s very much an individually paced process and I like to think I get a little more fully recovered each day. One part of that process is gaining a measure of self-awareness, identifying defects of character and working toward correcting or eliminating them. It’s a battle, I tell you. And it’s a never-ending journey – focus on ideals and work toward them without the expectation of ever attaining the goal. Slow constant progression; that’s the deal.

I get myself into trouble every so often thinking it is beneficial to share my opinions or to offer advice even when those opinions and advice haven’t been solicited. However well intentioned it can sometimes be unwelcome. Most times reaction is good but there are times when I wonder whether I’ve thrown someone for a complete loop. What can I say? I’m a slave to being a ‘helper’; I care about people. That is what has wagged me tonight – trying to understand a situation and jumping in, tongue in full gear.

Just so we’re clear, if you ever feel you’re running short of opinions just give me a nudge and they will be spilling out all over the place. You needn’t even ask; they are yours for the taking.

Still working on that particular defect.