fStop Tuesday

June 16, 2009
Pussy in my Pants
Pussy in my Pants

 Here, Liberty decided to nestle into my jeans for a schnooze. Good Kitty, keepin’em warm.

Bright Promise

Bright Promise

 Our first peony of the season opened this morning – with a great many more to come.

Spotlit Fountain

Spotlit Fountain

 Another night cell phone shot. During renovations a massive rock fountain was built in back of the residence along with an equally over sized deck. While both are beautiful, staff had a bit of a problem with the expense figuring that money could have been better spent on computer and communication upgrades. Priorities…..

Relaxed Company

Relaxed Company

 Freedom has been getting all the concern and glory lately so here is our other, younger dog, Milo, keeping me company out on our front deck last week. If he was any bigger he wouldn’t fit into that chair – but he shouldn’t grow any larger so he’s good.

Windowsill Shamrocks

Windowsill Shamrocks

 Backlit shamrocks in the kitchen window. I like the forms and shadings of colour.

Your Shy Author / Gimee That Camera!

Your Shy Author / Gimme That Camera!

 While Lynda and I were sitting on the lawn keeping Freedom company we started goofing around taking one another’s picture. She would positively kill me if I posted the awful one I got of her. Not gonna happen, uh, uh.


  1. those shamrocks are lovely
    never seen them before
    or perhaps i have but don’t recognise them cos they were not backlit so nicely in a window

    can relate to computer problems at work
    my new workplace has the worst IT set up I’ve ever had to endure, I spend a third of my 6-hr workdays trying to get IT issues sorted out

  2. @ Kel – Yeah, who knew?? I always figured shamrocks were green and relate them to Ireland!! These are likely a particular sub-species which I am unaware of the name of. Lynda has another pot of them on her desk at work as she likes them so much.
    Our IT guy shows up from downtown about once a year so you tell the shape ours are in. Because we don’t have the administrator codes we can’t even do a disc defragment or clean-up to speed things up. Boggles the mind, it does….
    Besides that… how’s the new job??

  3. the new job is okay, better than nothing, and helps pay some bills
    but, to put it nicely, one could say i have become extremely underemployed
    a continuing statistic of this damn worldwide recession
    must find me some of them shamrocks, perhaps if i can find one with four leaves . . .

  4. Oh, I hear you, sister re: extremely underemployed. I’m into my fourth year of working in an entry level position, meaning: working poor. Prospects for moving up or on to other facilities continue to look dim. But no one can take away our hopes except ourselves.

    If I find one with four leaves I’ll send it to you, express delivery!!

  5. One neat thing about the shamrocks is that they are the photo-sensitive type of plant where they open in the morning and fold back up at night. Pretty cool!

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