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June 18, 2009

Normally, I associate power outages with big electrical storms. Last night we were watching some show on TV and I was just about to come check for comments and emails before turning in for the evening. Click-Bang; what a hang; out go the lights! It had been raining for a few hours but not heavily so maybe someone ran into a pole somewhere… something, who knows. We got a few candles going, chatted for a bit but the yawns were becoming heavier and closer together until the tears were running down our cheeks. Time for nigh-night.

Today it’s a soft constant mist coming down which reminded me of the chorus from a Jimi Hendrix song off the Electric Ladyland album, to whit:

Rainy day, dream away
Ah let the sun take a holiday
Flowers bathe an’ ah see the children play
Lay back and groove on a rainy day.

Sounds like a plan Jimi…. I can find a thing or two to do around the place today (or not).