June 18, 2009

Normally, I associate power outages with big electrical storms. Last night we were watching some show on TV and I was just about to come check for comments and emails before turning in for the evening. Click-Bang; what a hang; out go the lights! It had been raining for a few hours but not heavily so maybe someone ran into a pole somewhere… something, who knows. We got a few candles going, chatted for a bit but the yawns were becoming heavier and closer together until the tears were running down our cheeks. Time for nigh-night.

Today it’s a soft constant mist coming down which reminded me of the chorus from a Jimi Hendrix song off the Electric Ladyland album, to whit:

Rainy day, dream away
Ah let the sun take a holiday
Flowers bathe an’ ah see the children play
Lay back and groove on a rainy day.

Sounds like a plan Jimi…. I can find a thing or two to do around the place today (or not).


  1. We have power outages for no apparent reason around here. We’ll get through a crashing, gusting, storm that you’d think would knock out the electricity, and then it all goes out on the next calm and sunny day.

    I like the lyrics. 🙂

  2. Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason to it, is there?

    Jimi was the best, man!!

  3. blackouts mean getting to use candles which is fun
    but it also means missing the end of that tv show, or the computer being stuffed up due to a hasty and non=proper turn off

  4. Yeah, the candle light was nice, the company great, didn’t mind missing the end of the so-so show, but did worry about the computer. I have the bad tendency of letting it run 24-7….. no problems are apparent tho (but what do I know, really?)

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