Head In The Clouds

June 19, 2009
Whispery Thin

Whispery Thin

Light vs Dark

Light vs Dark

High Cotton

High Cotton

Storm Movin' In

Storm Movin' In

Well, my head may not necessarily be IN the clouds but clouds certainly draw my eye on an ongoing basis. For your Friday enjoyment a few recent shots captured either with my cell or regular camera. Have a great weekend!


  1. light vs dark
    makes me think solar vs electric
    skywatching is a great way to slow down, breathe and take in some ‘wonder’ful

  2. Good take on that one Kel. That was another ‘grab’ shot taken while ‘on the bus’ with our guys.
    Daytime / nighttime – I ought to have a permanent crick in my neck. It’s a neverending overhead world of wonders.
    I’m not sure about S. hemisphere but the moon and Jupiter have been in close proximity through the night and on toward dawn.

  3. Wonderful, Norm. That last one is pretty amazing.

    You should participate in Skywatch Friday. These would make good photos for it. 🙂

  4. Thanks Robin 🙂

    Due, I suppose, to my aging memory I keep forgetting about Skywatch Friday. Must keep that in mind…

  5. Nice shots, Norm. The storm moving in is freaky…looks like a funnel start to form.

    I couldn’t help but notice that you didn’t use the tag “Clouds.” Might help if someone is out there searching for images of clouds.

  6. Thanks yb, and good point. Any and all tips are always appreciated here.
    Yeah, that last one is pretty dramatic and eye catching.

  7. Great shots, Norm. I often wish the clouds in China were as spectacular as the ones I remember in North America.

  8. Thanks Stevo – I consider that high praise coming from you.

    How long since you’ve been back on N.A. soil?

    re: the difference in clouds – why do you suppose that is? Being near sea level maybe??

  9. I haven’t been back in 4.5 years, Norm. Maybe the sea level effects the clouds, or the smog, not sure.

  10. Wow, Stevo – that’s a long time to be gone. Any plans for a visit?
    I’ll check in and see if you’ve dropped any hints about what you’re doing when your contract is complete.

  11. […] north).  He was  drawn to photograph the clouds we’re seeing this season, too.  His post, Head in the Clouds, inspired me to post some of the photos I came up with while sitting on the deck on a Saturday […]

  12. […] I recent lamented to Norm that China has weak clouds. After last week’s typhoon the sky has been filled with big puffy […]

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