Checking In

June 22, 2009

Ever have one of those terrific posts all hashed out in your head and then be unable to lay it out as planned?

I’ve done the background digging but the thread is elusive. Maybe later…. maybe never.

Otherwise it’s been a good night back on the work front for another week.

It has been a very long day; perhaps that is why the words are stuck.


  1. Long days have a way of making the words get stuck.

    Hope it’s better today. 🙂

  2. When the day stretches out past the 20 hour mark I get a little thick between the ears. A couple of solid sleep sessions should set me back up. Thanks Robin.

  3. Yes, I have about 10 such posts that I’ve hashed out, done research on, and failed (so far) to deliver. And then I have a hard time sometimes with the short, spontaneous ones to boot.

  4. Sometimes it seems like wrestling /wrangling an indepenent minded elephant into a too small pen. 🙂

    But an ‘outside-looking-in’ view for you – you put so much work into your pieces that at times it must be exhausting… and eventually the enthusiasm for the topic might evaporate. (Though that is never apparent in the finished work)

    The one I had in mind has this ‘what to put in / what to leave out’ aspect. Lots of related but divergent threads.

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