8 Soul Songs

June 23, 2009

When I see something I like and am invited to play along; I’ll play. Kel at xfacta picked up on Magpie Girl’s ‘Songs For The Soul’ idea. I’ll try to keep so much as possible to their themes but the tunes I choose will be ones that make me feel connected to life and living or that make me feel like I’m in the presence of greatness; soulfulness. Some of them will have a distinctly Canadian vibe, too.

Seeing as how there has been a lot of talk about the blogs lately regarding people leaving mainstream churches I’ll lead off with this though. #1 – R.E.M.’s ‘Losing My Religion’.

#2  – Steve  Winwood and Eric Clapton performing ‘Presence Of The Lord’ at Crossroads Festival 2007. It’s a song from their days as members of Blind Faith back in 1969.

#3 – From the tribute concert – Concert For George – Billy Preston sings Harrrison’s ‘My Sweet Lord’ backed by a stellar ensemble band.

#4 – k.d. lang performing Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah‘. Must be heard to be believed…. amazing. ( 2 Canucks in one go)

#5 – Jesse Cook – ‘Dance Of Spring’  Amazing flamenco guitarist. It was Cook’s 1998 album ‘Vertigo’ which was the deciding factor in buying my Bose surround system. It kicks! (Another Canuck – that’s 3)

#6 – Neil Young – ‘When God Made Me’. Neil waxing lyrical about life, mortality and what it’s all about. (Hey, one more makes 4)

#7 – Rufus Wainwright with Moby & Sean Lennon performing the Beatles ‘Across The Universe’. (Rufus makes 5)

#8 – A beautiful George Harrison instrumental composition from his posthumous release ‘Brainwashed’ – ‘Marwa Blues’.

Keeping the list to just 8 is difficult but these are the first ones that came to mind. Feel free to jump on board and play along.

** Late breaking bonus: My late father’s favourite hymn to play on the church organ. He could rattle the rafters with this one. ‘Jerusalem‘.


  1. i knew you’d enjoy this one Norm 🙂
    losing my religion is a blast from the past
    and that flamenco piece was awesome

    this soul DJ’ing is fun aye what?

  2. Aye; twas! 🙂 Except now you have my mind abuzzing as I head off to bed… 8 fave guitar solos; 8 best drummers; 8 best love songs…. and on and on….
    Check out more of Jesse Cook. He’s an incredible talent.

  3. I just heard “Marwa Blues” for the first time the other day. I agree. It is beautiful. I also just watched the Concert for George (on DVD)and thought that Billy Preston rendition was pretty soulful. 🙂

    “Losing My Religion” is a favorite of mine too.

  4. On Marwa I thought George’s guitar ‘voice’ had reached perfection. It’s a wondefully reflective song.
    I’d really like to re-watch that DVD; a friend of Lynda’s owns it. Ravi Shankar’s music stands up really well against all the rock based material. Good ole Ringo was a stand-out for me – he’s a natural.

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