The Whole Enchillada

June 28, 2009

This could be short; may be long…. dunno yet. Grab bag time!!

Last night was absolutely ‘the night from hell’ here at work. A new arrival whose using had done himself some major damage had his room-mates awake and very upset all night. Each time I got the guy settled he found a new way to mess up. Some substances take much longer to withdraw from than others and he hasn’t re-landed in this dimension as yet. The day counsellors had a crisis team up here to assess him and then sent him to a local hospital for a psych assessment as well. After his arrival at hospital he declined to be examined which ultimately meant he was also choosing to leave our treatment. He departed just before my shift started this evening much to his room-mates (and my) relief.

My son and his family arrive Tuesday from the west and we have a ton of prep to do both inside and out about the place before they arrive. With Freedom’s lengthy recovery from surgery we’ve gotten way behind on day-to-day cleaning and yardwork. Yoiks! Add in a few hours work, time for shopping for food & a playpen, a longer than usual meeting and some sleep and we’ve already run out of time. Something might have to give, somewhere…..

Once they get here I don’t expect to be around home much so blogging will be light. I might just have to share a photo or two of grand-daughter Madison when I get a minute though.

Oh, yippee!! We have air-conditioning again – Hallelujah!! It’s SO much easier getting along with a hot-flashing menopausal woman when the house temperature is 70 as opposed to 86. Thank you Mr Serviceman, thank you. Blessings on your soul!

There has been no time lately to download & upload any of the pictures I’ve taken lately so lemme see here…. what have I got in the media library…..

Take Yer Pick

Brain Scan

… a small sampling of the rocks rattling around my cranium. (I’ll likely re-post this when I’ve cropped it properly – that’s why it was still in the bin.)

We’re planning to have some family & friends over for a BBQ on Canada Day, July 1, for a meet and greet with Russ and family. We’re doing it early in hopes of taking in the local municipal fireworks display. Saturday we’re supposed to head into Toronto for what is called the ‘Festival of Fire’ an international fireworks competition. A couple of decent photo-ops, I would think. There ought to be lots of ooohhs and aaahhs on those two nights.

Which reminds me…. each year in August we are treated to a natural display in the form of meteor showers: the Perseid’s. There’s a great viewing spot just north of here away from incidental light contamination at a conservation area called the Purple Woods. We were there a couple of years ago skywatching for several hours and the parking lot was full. You would hear someone gasp from across the lot at something they had seen; then you’d hear all the folks muttering who had missed it. Too funny but it was a wonderful show.

So, officially I’m on hiatus. Unofficially I’ll check in here when I can and on blog friends as well. Woo-Hoo…. I finally get some time with my son!! It’s been way too long once again.


  1. Have fun, Norm, and enjoy your hiatus as well as your family. 🙂

    I like that photo. Great title, too.

    By the way, I know from experience that everything that really needs to be done before the visit will get done somehow. Don’t stress it (says she who stressed like mad during the week or two before M the Younger’s wedding and the influx of friends of family).

  2. We managed to get some things done today but the weather isn’t cooperating for theoutdoor stuff. Oh well…

    This week will be all about fun and family. I try not to do stress. 🙂

  3. i try not to do stress


    may you enjoy reconnecting, living, loving and laughing with those near and dear

  4. Of course Kel the operative word there is ‘TRY’ :-)))

    Thanks too for your good wishes.

  5. Enjoy your break and your son. I kind of like these types of milestones—a big party or someone coming to stay—for helping me do big pushes on house/yard projects. Not while I’m doing the push, mind you, but once it’s done. I need that kind of kick in the pants, though, else I’d never finish the projects I want to do.

  6. Lots to do that’s for sure…. and I wish there was more family locally for them to connect with. We’re awfully spread out but hey! we’ll manage. Thanks yb – I’ll check in at rR when I can.

  7. Enjoy your time with your son, Norm, and see you when you check in next 🙂

  8. Will do Sue & thanks.

    I hope everything went alright Saturday.

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