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July 8, 2009

Despite the best of intentions….. this is all I’ve got tonight.

The trip into Toronto yesterday morning was remarkably quick. With all the students and teachers off the roads and so many on summer holidays traffic was light. I spent a half hour talking with Russ and then felt my energy start to seriously fade; I knew it was time to get back on the road and home to bed. I didn’t see Melissa or Madison and it’s just as well – I hate goodbyes especially when I know it’ll be a long time before seeing them all again.

Lynda and I were talking in the kitchen while she worked away at the counter preparing dinner when – WHAM – right into one of my ‘aura’ type seizures I go. She turns to see why I’m taking so long to respond to what she was saying and ‘Ooohhh, nasty one, eh? Why don’t you get sitting down? Better yet, go lie yourself down!’ Lack of sleep again apparently cuz I know I’m being compliant with my meds.

Within 5 minutes of arriving at work tonight a former client came in looking to talk to me. I hadn’t had any contact with him since he completed treatment 3 months ago. We poured ourselves a coffee and took them for a walk around the grounds…. and proceeded to talk for 2 hours about the state of his life. He’s looking for a letter from me to present to his lawyer regarding a court proceeding against him which was initiated by his wife. The letter is to contain my recollections of our many late night talks as I’m the only one he opened up to during his stay. Oy vey.

We rarely have any serious disputes between clients but about an hour ago I had to separate 2 who share a room; they almost came to blows because one of them was wakened by the other’s snoring. One of them is spending the rest of the night on a couch. I expect one of them will be gone come morning because of his combative attitude.

Russ and his crew arrived safely home this evening following a smooth flight cross-country.



  1. sounds like quite a letter to compose!

    hope you can do some sleep catching soon.

  2. It’s difficult dredging up recollections of conversations that took place that long ago. Plus, I hear an awful lot of people’s stories and I need to be sure I’m not mixing up the details from one to another.
    Sleep, perchance to dream…. today didn’t cut it with neighbourhood sounds disrupting things. Maybe tomorrow ( I hope). Thanks for the good wishes.

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