As Our Garden Grows

July 10, 2009

Here are a few shots taken during the last few weeks. It has been a cooler than usual transition from spring into summer and a little wetter, too. Perfect for abundant, verdant growth. Today was beautiful with clear blue skies and low humidity – temps in the low 70’s.












Blooming Idiot

Blooming Idiot

As you can see I like to fill the frame with the subject. Oops; I just noticed that the third shot should have been rotated. Mea culpa. I’d have identified them all if only I knew their names – the obvious ones are the lilies  and peonies; the others…????



  1. LOL!! Love the last shot.

    They are all great, Norm. I can’t help with identifying the flowers. I’m a blooming idiot when it comes to names. Whatever their names, you have a beautiful garden. 🙂

  2. Thanks Robin – glad you liked them. I thought the blooming idiot had a nice organic shape to it so it made a good fit with the rest even if it lacked colour. 🙂

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