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Death Pays a Visit

July 11, 2009

Cousin BJ and I are mourning the death today of our Aunt Jennie. Our family has been fortunate these last number of years; almost 6 since my Dad Doug passed, followed a week later by his sister Helen. (Dad died on the weekend before I entered treatment here for alcoholism.) Considering the ages that generation is getting to that was quite a break. Of the 5 couples involved; 1 is gone; 1 is intact and the other 3 have lost a spouse.

The common memory that Jennie and Uncle Al always reminded me of (and razzed me about) was when I called them from their local hospital following my skydiving accident looking for a bed for the night. I ruined their plans for the day but they picked me up and tended to me. Uncle Al backed the car up as close as he could to their front door and I lowered myself to the ground so I could crab-walk backwards on my hands and butt to maneuver myself inside. It wasn’t easy with a newly busted ankle and both badly sprained but we made it. We had a few good laughs at my expense over that episode.

Always, always loved Jennie. Sharp, smart as a whip. Informed on all the current goings-on. Not afraid to call you on your crap.  Loved people and liked to engage anyone within earshot in conversation.  No airs about her as she walked the same ground as everyone else. Both she and Al were WWII vets; patriots and proud of it. Jennie had a great love of family and laughter. I suppose the best way to honour her is to emulate her ways of living. Gonna miss her.

It’s been a tough couple of days for Mom; she and Jennie were like sisters. Mom did laugh when talking today about what a noisy reunion it would be in heaven today when Dad welcomed Jennie at the gates. The place will never be the same. (Shakes head and nods.) If it’s a general funeral I’ve told Mom I’ll get her there though it sounds like it might be immediate family only.