Computer Withdrawal

July 20, 2009

I’M BACK….. woo-hoo!! Lord, that was a long week. Like I said in a previous post I didn’t really intend to be away from here so much but that’s just how things worked out. Lynda and I get very little face-to-face time and once she decided to take the week off we got down to spending pretty much every waking moment together…. doing stuff.

There were a couple of visits from out of town family; lots of time spent working around the house; time spent with Mom; with the pets; cooking. Every day was a busy one from morning til night. It’s almost a relief to be back at work for a rest, ha, ha. By the end of my last work week I was absolutely exhausted and was hoping for a quiet, relaxing couple of days to catch up on some rest. Hah!! ‘No rest for the wicked’, apparently.

It’s now 7 weeks since our older dog Freedom had that surgery on her leg and as a result we’ve been pretty much house bound. (We’ve both been craving more outside time and freedom from the constraints of tending to the dog.) Freedom is still on the mend – gimping and limping about – but she’s well enough now to be spending more time on her own. Actually there is no holding her back now either. She trashed the lower part of the basement staircase when we left her the other day – she hasn’t destroyed anything since she was a pup. Today she managed to break out of the second of two cages we had borrowed. Now she will have the run of the house when we go out – the heck with trying to keep her contained.

As to the ‘withdrawal’ – lemme tell ya, it has taken some getting used to… not having ready access to a computer on a regular basis. I had been taking maybe 10 minutes a day to check banking and emails each day and that’s pretty much it. Harsh!! And I still have about 100 unread emails in one account to hash through. So, tonight has been spent reading up on a couple of fave blogs but I’m nowhere near caught up with everyone.

Two bits of good news – Mom’s house was listed last Monday and sold Thursday night. Now she and sister Linda are into their own housing search.

Lynda and I really enjoyed our time at the wedding on Saturday – beautiful ceremony, great location for both the wedding and reception, wonderful food, lots of dancing to some great tunes. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. We didn’t make it home until about 2:30 a.m. – not bad for a couple of old farts.

Oh, and another personal milestone…. today marks 6 years sober for me, o.d.a.a.t. Another miracle.

Things should settle back into a more regular pattern tonight. This evening has also been spent getting organized for the week ahead and I’m in good shape now.


  1. Congratulations on six years. That’s a wonderful milestone to mark.

    Your week does sound a whirlwind. Weddings are fun… if you aren’t hosting them. I’ll hafta read down to find out who got married.

  2. Yeah, 6 years… who’da thunkit? Certainly not me at the outset.
    The wedding was a great excuse to let our hair down and shake our tail feathers. I’ll see if I can’t scare up a picture of the bride & groom.

  3. I drank a lot more before I turned 21. I was also active duty Army (US) so it was kinda the norm….(Ok that wasn’t intended and I didn’t notice it until I typed it, anyways)….I had a few nights (7) that I had no recollection of what-so-ever. After the last one I decided enough was enough. I haven’t quite stopped all together as I will drink socially or sometimes something to wash away the day but I didn’t want to keep on going the way I was. My biological father (dad) has been sober for almost 15 years now. I don’t remember him ever really getting out of hand. My step father on the other hand was a mean/violent drunk and there was no way I wanted to be anything like that. I’m kinda glad I’m not a six-pack after work kinda guy and was able to put it down as easily as I did. Congratulations on your 6 years.

    AS to computer withdrawal I’ve been right there with you and will continue to be so until around the 7th of next month. Only able to really access the interwebs via my Phone or when I get back to the house once a week. It really has been driving me crazy not to just hit google with something I heard on the radio or quickly navigate through email. (the phone does ok but I’ve been mostly deleting spam with it.)

  4. The withdrawal is an eye-opener, isn’t it?? It tells me I spend WAY too much time in front of the screen.

    Thanks for your good wishes and for sharing your experiences. I hate to think of the number of hours I spent in blackouts; very scary to look back on and think that was ‘normal’ – a part of the drinking experience to be expected. You’re funny too re: ‘the norm’ comment.

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