Mondays – Blecchh!

July 21, 2009


The downside of a new week of night shift is that I don’t normally sleep well once I get home Monday morning despite Sunday having been a 20+ hour day. I got between 4 and 5 hours; not nearly enough.

There is always an ‘up’ side naturally. Being up so early afforded me the chance to download a bunch of pictures from my cell phone to the computer; upload a bunch of shots to Facebook from my son Russ’ visit a couple of weeks ago; and upload some to my media library here.

On July 4 we went to Ontario Place to enjoy the park, attractions and fireworks display – Lynda and I, Russ & Melissa and wee Madison. I’ll share a few of those shots here.

My Fair Lady ... leads the way

My Fair Lady ... leads the way

 Ontario Place is a multi-acre park spread over a number of man-made islands; located minutes from downtown Toronto on the shore of Lake Ontario. It is all interconnected by bridges and waterways.

attractions pods

attractions pods

 Besides rides, attractions and entertainment there are also convention halls for corporate events, shows and displays.

the cinesphere (and part of Russ' head)

the cinesphere (and part of Russ' head)

 The cinesphere is North America’s first permanent IMAX theatre.

The Festival of Fire is a long running multi-night international fireworks competition. (The centre picture was taken on my cell phone. The two outside shots were lifted from Russ’ Facebook album.) After having walked miles around the site during the afternoon we sat atop a hill facing the lakefront to wait for the fireworks. (and after dinner at the marina restaurant, too) In front of us right at the shoreline a very loud salsa band played for a couple of hours keeping the crowd entertained. Behind us in the Amphitheatre (concert bowl) a heavy metal show was going on – Def Leppard & Poison. The volume from both shows was about equal where we were sitting so we got buffetted from both front and back. Both shows ended just in time for the fireworks to begin – the display was done to a simulcast radio broadcast which was aired over an enormous P.A. system. The half hour long show was gorgeous and seemed to be over in just a very few minutes. A dazzling feast for the eyes and ears. Remarkably Madison managed to sleep through the entire show – wot’s a baby to do when the sleep fairy arrives? Nap, of course! (The shots I was going to include here aren’t co-operating.)

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