Bouquet of Dead Flowers

July 22, 2009

cell2 086

Now if that doesn’t sound like a John Prine song title, I don’t know what does.

During some down time last week I trimmed the dead roses from the bushes in front of the house and then sat idly pulling the light peach coloured petals from the blooms. I was kind of lost in ‘the doing of it’ enjoying the fleshy feel of the petals and the faint aroma they still carried.  Did I bury my face in them?? Naturally!! Once I had amassed a pile of them I added a single whole red one that was holding together pretty well despite how far gone it was. After taking a couple of pictures using my cell phone I piled them into a little dish and put them on a windowsill in front of an open window in hopes their sweet smell would carry through the house.

Here Prine performs a song written by his late compatriot Steve Goodman – ‘Souvenirs’.



  1. Lovely. 🙂 I can almost smell them.

  2. They smelled really nice but I think my fave scent comes from wisteria. Thanks, Robin.

  3. Oh, wisteria is nice 🙂 I have a daphne bush outside my back door. I hardly ever go out there but I should – it’s probably blooming now, being winter.

    Roses are amazing

  4. Writers must pay attention to all their senses, wot?

    (‘Writers’ being YOU, not me)

    Take time to smell the flowers Suzie.

  5. We select roses for their fragrance. It’s such a shame that hothouse roses always seem to have no scent. The color of the red/melon rose is outstanding.

  6. @ Sue – The roses we have are well established but when we look to add to what we’ve got it’s nice to have recomendations. I’ll have an eye and nose out for those you mentioned. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

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