The ‘Oops, I forgot to title this post’ Post

July 25, 2009




During down time between sessions some of our guests have been busying themselves by doing a little building out back. There were plenty of a variety of bricks left from the immense interlock patio that was laid last summer. What’s that saying? ‘Busy hands are happy hands.’


Last night and today have been fun following along with ‘Skywatch Friday’, visiting sites, leaving comments and replying to comments left on my post. I plan to do it again but not every week. It sure bumped my number of visitors. Pretty fascinating to scan through the list and drop into the various sites for a look-see – some beautiful images captured around the globe.


Ah, change. There are instances that crop up where I can be grateful not to be what and whom I used to be. There used to be times where a situation would crop up and I’d get all reactionary, easily offended and wind up blurting and spewing my outrage. Thankfully today I was able not to be that sort of person and have made peace in a reasonable way. No offence intended; none taken. But it wasn’t without a couple of those ‘wtf!?!’ moments. Positive change over time has a good cumulative effect.


Freedom update: Had her up to the vets for a check-up with the surgeon on Thursday. Seems the mesh they inserted to replace the tendon has shifted around the bone and that is why she hasn’t come along as well or as quickly as she should have. Monday will mark 8 weeks since the original surgery and that’s the day she’ll go under the knife again. This time less invasive and right back to the level of activity and exercise we’ve got her to. Although we’ve managed to get her weight down by 8 lb to 70 they are asking us to make her drop a further 10 lb. Yikes – there’ll be nothing left of her, poor girl.


A reminder of and a link to a previous post of mine – for a couple of reasons. 1) Because there have been a number of posts since, it’s about to drop off the tail end of my current page, and 2) there have been new updates to it. So, if you haven’t already I’d encourage you to have a look at blog-friend Susan’s site as well as my original post regarding it HERE. Or you’ll find it on the sidebar under ‘Appeal’. The update is on the ‘What Happened Next’ page but go ahead and read it all.


Christmas is 5 months away. Double Yikes!!


Cousin BJ hasn’t been mentioned here much lately but the emails have flown back and forth this week at a high volume. Her’s tend to be much longer than mine and roam over more topics. It’s good to have someone to bounce things off and get feedback and direction from.


  1. The first pic is clearly a tribute to the phallus.


  2. Geez, and here I thought it was a replica of Toronto’s CN Tower ( which was the world’s tallest free standing structure until recently).

    How could I miss something so obvious. *shrugs* phalli everywhere you turn….


  3. Well the CNTower is also a tribute to the phallus… it’s just a much bigger one.

    C’mon, look at that thing. He may not have been doing it consciously, but that architect wanted to have sex with the sky.

  4. Yup, for the longest time we referred to it as the world’s tallest phallic symbol.

    And of course the rest of the world was ENVIOUS!!

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