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August 6, 2009

These last couple of nights have been low output ones…. feeling a little flat and sleep deprived. Last night I was a bit blue cuz there have been a couple of family events during the last week, and a couple coming up…. and there are literally hundreds or thousands of miles between me and where they are going on. Sometimes I wish I could gather my kids and their kids to me at will. C’est la vie; I’ll get over it. Friday would have been an opportunity to have some rare face-time with cousin BJ but drat! I’m working. Lucky BJ is off work for almost the entire month of August.

What I have been doing is diddling about following up on replies to emails I put out to blog-friends asking for a couple of bits of info. As per usual folks have been very accommodating to upping my knowledge with suggestions and straight goods info-wise. Lord, I like this wee blog community and people’s willingness to share what they know. Thanks Robin; thanks Stevo! I’m now registered at

There’s also been some background email follow-ups to blog comments that are tasty and heartening.

I might cobble together a post for Skywatch Friday – join in the fun at

Tonight I’ve watched as brilliant Jupiter chases the full moon across the southern sky. For northern latitudes see here: and here

More and hopefully better late tonight.