Time Lapse

August 7, 2009

… and frame shift. This is a post submitted for ‘Skywatch Friday’. This last week has seen some pretty heavy weather roll through including severe thunderstorms and yesterday a tornado warning. I grabbed these the other day because I liked the dramatic lighting of the clouds, the shifts in density. Sometimes the best scenery is right outside your back door if only you take the time to look. (BTW, these were taken with my cell phone camera.)

cell2 101

cell2 100

cell2 099

East of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.



  1. Great grey skies.
    Sydney – City and Suburbs

  2. Oh simple delicious! I wish we’d see skies like these in the San Fran Bay Area (minus the tornado warnings of course!)…

  3. You have forest fires and tornado warnings —
    I am back home (Oahu) from my Vancouver vacation and awaiting a hurricane!

    I love the way the sun highlights the backside of the clouds – -reminding us that it’s still there!

  4. @ Linnea – I would have thought you’d have wonderful skies there this time of year. Lots of overcast or fog??

  5. @ Quilly – Lots worse places to call home than Oahu, I’d say. lol. Hurricanes – oh bliss.
    An on-line friend in mainland China (near HK) is enduring monsoons. Glad we don’t experience either type of storm here.

  6. Great shots with your cell phone camera! I especially like the light edges on the dark clouds.

  7. Great shots, Norm. The clouds look dramatic. I, too, love the way the sun lights up the back of the clouds.

    Tornado warnings? Yikes!

  8. Great shots, love the skies when they are like that..thanks for visiting..MonikaORse..have a great day.

  9. Thanks for your visits and comments everyone!!

    No tornado, thank goodness, but a slightly less intense variety which ‘they’ve’ begun calling ‘micr-bursts’. Lower wind speeds but still damaging.

  10. I loved the drama of such cloud formations.
    Sydney Daily Photo

  11. That’s pretty impressive taken with a phone! You’re right, sometimes the best shots are right outside our door.

  12. Thanks Linda; I’m glad we’re in agreement. Thanks for the visit.

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