Restless Natives

August 8, 2009

On a night when I don’t really feel up to it I’ve actually been called upon to do some work with the guys in-house. Since bedtime there has been a steady stream of guys coming down suffering varying degrees of anxiety; either about leaving in a few days or anticipating family visits later today which they have some concerns about. Ah, memories…. of my stay here. Actually the anniversary of my admission for treatment comes up late this week – 6 years. I remember very well the uncertainty that cast a veil over my future. What would it hold??

There wasn’t an awful lot I intended to write about tonight. A couple of folks have inquired as to how Freedom is recovering. Maybe I’ll respond to that tonight. The other thing I wanted to put out there is a reminder that the Perseids meteor showers will be visible this week with the peak in North America split between Tuesday and Wednesday nights ( but can be seen on a number of nights preceding, and a couple of nights following.)

What did I do today? After 4 hours sleep I was up for the day and had been up 10 hours before coming to work for the night. I spent about 3 hours cutting the back lawn; I had Freedom staked off to one side under a shady bush. Ran the dishwasher through and emptied it. Folded some laundry and washed & dried a load. Had dinner which Lynda had prepared. Managed to catch an episode of a show I enjoy – Flashpoint. I tried lying down for an hour but that was mainly a waste of time. Man, this night is grinding right on down to the end.

This post is a placeholder and will likely come down tonight. Too much moaning and bitching to leave up. ‘Crapping on’ as Sue would say.


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