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August 11, 2009
in her element / exposed to the elements

in her element / exposed to the elements

such a lady

such a lady

 Two shots of Freedom – One from back early last winter; the other from a couple of weeks ago. Hangin’ out on the lawn recuperating.

Norm_MixedBag 108 Buddy keeping Milo company beside the sun patch. Although Buddy looks as big as Milo here, he isn’t quite. (Tho he is over 20lb.) Fat-Cat.

a 007

Lynda caught Liberty doing something we’d never seen before; she’d gotten up on the kitchen counter. Oh, and she always closes her eyes just as the flash goes off.

I won’t bore you with the details of how my time off has gone since I got off work Sunday morning. Let’s just say sleep is an elusive critter and we’ve encountered some more costly problems that have us thinking of ways to cut costs. Oh joy, oh bliss.

Here in order to renew your divers licence you have to have your car’s emission tested to make sure you aren’t running a polluting clunker around. I have to get my beast in for that check and get my licence this week else I’ll run into timing problems once I’m back to work. Lots of other details to attend to this week as well. I’m off and running – Ciao!



  1. Oh, how cool to see your lovely pets! That is one big pusscat! 🙂

    I love the pics of Freedom, what a lovely way she has of crossing her legs. Hope she’s continuing to recover well

  2. It does seem a houseful some days with this bunch. Gone is the 40 gallon aquarium. Ix-nay on birds and reptiles.
    Freedom has shown some good improvement this week. Lots of TLC.

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