Something a Little Different

August 14, 2009

Please feel free to join in the fun at Skywatch Friday and submit your own shots.

As for something different….. these next couple of shots were taken last week, on succeeding nights, of the full moon. (Once again  – these are cell phone shots which will explain the quality of the images.) In the first shot Jupiter is trailing the moon; 24 hours later Jupiter is leading their march across the sky. As I was driving home about dawn that 2nd morning the moon was setting close to the horizon and Jupiter had swung directly below it. Because they were so bright they were the last visible celestial objects in the sky.

Jupiter - Moon

Jupiter - Moon

Moon - Jupiter

Moon - Jupiter

That week presented a range of weather – sun, cloud, storms, high humidity – essentially if you didn’t like what was going on outside all you had to do was wait 15 minutes and it would have changed. One very humid morning I drove home through a heavy fog.

cell2 094

These last few days have seen the arrival ( finally) of full southern Ontario summer with a beautiful high pressure system bringing clear skies, high temps (mid 80’sF) and lower humidity. Wednesday was the first time this year I heard the loud buzzing whine of the cicada which I understand needs sustained temps over 80F to begin making it’s distinctive sound.

Hazy day

Hazy day

The view from my back door taken a few days ago when the humidity was still high.


  1. I really enjoyed all of these; those top two are great! I can certainly feel the humidity just looking at these.

  2. We got a surprise thunder storm briefly yesterday but the weather has been better. I too was waiting to hear the cicadas. Just heard one yesterday. Tree frogs at night have also been missing. While I was out watching the meteors last night a heard one lone frog start up. Thanks for sharing these great shots!

  3. Great photos of the moon and Jupiter, a nice change of pace for SkyWatch. I can almost feel the humidity looking at those last two photos.

    Have a super weekend,

  4. @ QP, SQ, and Carol – Thanks for visiting and caring to comment. I’ll be checking in and having a look at your sites later on.

    Had an inkling that folks might like the night shots… I just wish they were a little clearer and closer.

    Meant to mention that these are taken a little east of Toronto; a half hour to 45 minute drive.

    Have a fun weekend all – N.

  5. Doo doo doo lookin’ out your back door is certainly a lovely experience!! What a pretty place you live in, Norm.

    So how do you get a foggy morning on a humid day? That’s a fascinating combination 🙂

  6. Thanks Sue.
    We’d had a number of days in a row where we’d had rain…. followed by one chilly night which condensed the moisture held in the air = low level fog.

  7. Great shots.
    Sydney – City and Suburbs

  8. Thanks J.

  9. Those are really great.

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