Turning Turtle

August 22, 2009

This week has brought a definite inward shift…….. keeping myself to self moreso than usual. Not writing so much; commenting on others blogs less than I normally do.

Although here at the treatment centre we’re operating at capacity and the group of residents we have are a good quiet bunch the phones have been unusually busy through the night. Frankly, some of the calls I’ve fielded this week have been incredibly sad and upsetting. There have been a few calls left unanswered because I was in the middle of another one where the person was in crisis. A few times I had just hung up from one call and with no time to de-stress, pick up yet another one back-to-back.

It eventually puts me into self-preservation mode; battening down the hatches and shutting down the emotioal onslaught. Some of the things people disclose to me leave me shaking my head and wishing I had never been made party to it. One fellow called two nights in a row so drunk that I don’t know how he managed to dial the phone; so impaired I could barely make out what he was saying. There was no way I could do a proper intake with him as he couldn’t participate in a linear conversation. He says he knows he will die if he continues to drink but he’s completely unable to stop – he’s alone, he’s isolated, he can’t keep food down, he has night terrors and can’t sleep, he wakens from his stupors retching, he’s living in the disease and can’t stop. It’s like looking into the past, darkly.


Thursday evening on the way to work I heard a tornado warning broadcast over the radio for our area. Half an hour later I was escorting our guys to a meeting on the bus and advised them that should the weather look threatening to get inside the building where the meeting was taking place. Sure enough, with 15 minutes to go before the beginning of the meeting the storm blew in – lashing rain, high winds, non-stop lightning. One of the guys called me to a window to see the genesis of a funnel; luckily it dissipated in the crosswinds. But it had dropped about 50 feet downward from the clouds before it was swept away. I went to the door and there were a couple of our guys outside watching the storm from under the shelter of a tree. ‘Hey!! What part of what I said didn’t you understand?? GET IN! NOW!!’ There was some moaning and bitching about not being able to see properly from inside but at least none of them got hurt. The power went out but the meeting went ahead by candlelight.

BTW, half a dozen tornadoes did touch down across the southern part of the province leaving a couple of people dead, some unaccounted for and hundreds of homes damaged. On my way home come morning there were a good many trees down, some areas still without power and lots of traffic signals either dead or flashing.


Less than two weeks until Mom’s real estate deal goes through and she’s kept herself busy sorting and packing. I dropped in on her a few days ago and she asked if I wanted to go through some pictures she was throwing out. Hell, yes!! I’ve sorted through 6 or 7 big packets of pictures and a few albums and scored a bunch of goodies. Old family gatherings; lots of shots of family friends I hadn’t thought of in ages. Seeing as how my memory appears to be impaired these pictures managed to joggle some things to the surface and fill in a few blank spots. There are huge gaps where I have very little recollection of, literally, years of my teens and early to middle twenties. Nice to have some photographic evidence that I wasn’t completely missing in action. (Shoulda listened to the warning at Woodstock – ‘Don’t do the brown tabs of acid!!’) * Note to BJ – I grabbed some you’ll be interested in. *





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  1. man, i just saw some seriously scary footage on the news of tornadoes in your area…. glad to hear all is well for you and yours….

    the rss feeds from your new blog, don’t seem to be showing up . . . even though I’ve subscribed to it three times to make sure….

    has anyone else noticed the same thing?

  2. Oops; I was replying to your email as you wrote this. Yup – we’re good.

    The rss feeds – could it be something in my WP settings?? I was diddling about a couple of days ago with a few things and maybe I’ve screwed things up somehow. Input anyone? Thanks for mentioning it Kel.

  3. I just subscribed again in case the changes you made have fixed it
    when you put your next post up, I’ll let you know if it came through in the bloglines feed

  4. I’ll put up a test post and we’ll see what happens.

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