August 27, 2009

Outside our front door we have a couple of decorative cut crystal baubles hanging from a light. When they catch the sunshine they cast prismatic rainbows all over the place – you just don’t want the beams to hit you in the eye cuz they’re like bloody lasers. Killing time the other day I held one up to the lens of my cell phone camera and here’s what I wound up with.

Ahh, the memories…… reminds me so much of my hallucinogenic indulgence days; LSD, peyote, magic mushrooms, MDA. In case you missed those days this is what it resembled:





wwoooowww, maaann!

wwoooowww, maaann!

Love, peace and groovy-ness people!! Out.


  1. Wow, man, thanks dude, now I don’t have to have a bong before I go to work. Cool!

  2. No probs, dudette…. by sharin’ the vibe you can save some of your stash. Righteous!

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