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Mash Mish

August 31, 2009
oh my, blue skies

oh my, blue skies

It’s the first night back at work for this week. Brother! There must be a huge swoop in the jet stream happening. All day Sunday was what Winnie the Pooh would call a ‘blustery day’ with gusty winds and dense clouds scudding across the sky. It tried to rain a few times with wildly varying results – fine misty stuff, quick downpours, steady soakers.┬áThis a.m. it’s almost cool enough for frost on this last day of August. Incredible!!

The night has been spent speed reading through all my regular fave blogs. We still have the house operating at capacity; overbooked in fact. With constant intake and discharge the dynamic of the house changes frequently and it’s now a younger house; more drug clients than alcohol. Just in case anyone was wondering crack and crystal meth are not recreational drugs. Some folks seem to be confused on that point.

I’m hoping to get some fresh pictures downloaded later on today. Pitter patter. Time to clear on out of here and get home to bed.