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September 30, 2009

Testyday. I had a ‘Wordless Tuesday’ on account of having just a couple of hours sleep, once again. There wasn’t much of anything that occurred to me that needed sharing here. Sometimes it’s best simply to be still instead of blathering on about 9 times nothin’. It would have been a bunch of bitching and moaning – who needs that. Nooooooo – body! (BTW, I had 9 or 10 solid hours of sleep today)

Insomnia! Ain’t it a common problem? After a bit of back and forth with lazybuddhist on the subject I went searching for free ambient sound downloads and found this for anyone who is interested: I didn’t get a chance to download it myself today but it’ll be hitting my mp3 player very soon.

What I did do was get all my art materials out and play. Yes, play!?!?! Did I produce anything at all interesting, worthwhile or  arty?? Not a chance, baby. But I did have a bit of fun and killed some time while I occupied myself in the pursuit. I had the desk covered with papers of various sizes and types, markers, crayons, chalk pastels, conte crayons. Tonight I might get out the kids water colour set and fool around with washes. Maybe do some actual drawing and get my eye and hand in co-ordination.

So, what possessed me to pick up my kit of drawing stuff after a summer long layoff?? Well, there are plenty of folks out in blogland who inspire me but I had a cluster of messages either in response to comments or straight emails that served as a direct prompt to get back at it. That and having been directed to some incredible works of art…. it’s hard not to be inspired when you see greatness. One example; over at red Ravine are ybonesy and Quoinmonkey. I asked when QM would be posting more of her mandala series and she got back to me promptly. (Love her work!) yb must have seen the comment thread and emailed me about a post at Heather’s Anuvue Studio blog featuring the work of artist Raina Colvin. Mindblowingly brilliant! So, that’s just one example…. there were more of you who contributed to the ‘push’. If I come up with anything worth sharing you’ll be the first to see it. Just don’t hold your breath.


Bittersweet Change

September 29, 2009

….. pending.



I’m considering changing this avatar / I.D. picture that I use and I’ll tell you why. It’s a picture of Grandson Owen and I taken a couple of summers ago during his usual week long visit with us. That visit didn’t happen this year because of a falling out between Owen’s father, J, and his brother, C, and their respective partners. Owen’s Mom and Dad won’t visit us because they might run into C. With Lynda’s and my screwed up schedules we haven’t seen Owen since the spring; there has been little chance to make it out to their place. Now, every time I see this picture it reminds me of all the good times we ought to be enjoying with Owen, and aren’t. Lynda is considering a run out there Wednesday afternoon in time for Owen getting home from school and perhaps staying until his bedtime but… I’m working so she’ll be flying solo this trip.
Bloody people! You can pick your friends but you can’t pick your family, or your wife’s family either. Kiss and make up already. Admitting you are wrong isn’t the end of the world.
Anyway, if you see a comment with my name attached but a new photo it is still the same old me; just looking a bit different.

Down TO The Wire

September 28, 2009

Okay, so… mea culpa. It’s getting near the end of my shift and I had this post in mind to write but I was distracted; by work of all things. Well, for a while at last. Then on to roaming the blogs and catching everyone’s recent posts. Best laid plans and all…

Alien visitor – There I was in the shower yesterday and I happen to look out the window. Yoiks….!! Looking back at me is a Praying Mantis and he’s really watching, too. I move my hand this way – and his little triangular head swivels this way, too. Wave it over here – back it comes again. A little creepy, hmm? I named him Tom but it could just as well have been Bob. I don’t think the pictures I took turned out very well, what with the steamy window and all, but I’ll post one if it’s any good. There was no sign of him today. I sure hope that big-assed spider hunkered over in the corner didn’t get him.

Had the dogs in the yard and I spy a Wooly Caterpillar lumbering through the grass. I wave Milo off cuz that dog’ll eat anything that moves and I’m pretty sure caterpillars wouldn’t agree with his not-so-delicate system. The weather prognosticators claim they can predict what winter will be like based on the caterpillars coat. If this one is to be believed (or copied) we’re going to need nice long, thick, warm coats ourselves to get through this one. Ditto with the pictures; as above.

Yes, the dogs. I had Freedom back to the vet last week for another check up with the surgeon. No real concern – just getting his opinion. Both he and the vet are seeing signs of progress; Lynda and I somewhat less so. We’re continuing to be very cautious and one of us is with her 24/ 7. Freedom’s recovery is so incremental, so slow that the improvements aren’t terribly apparent to us. We need some outside perspective periodically. Milo is getting ripped off; not getting the attention and exercize he needs. He’s as smart as a whip and a bundle of repressed energy. Quite the personality.


Meant to mention that I caught a documentary (/interview) about (/with) W.P. Kinsella, writer of ‘Shoeless Joe’ which became the film ‘Field of Dreams’. You know – ‘If you build it, they will come.’  The documentary was a nice piece of work that covered his entire life and career. I was especially glad they visited on an earlier section of his writing that I loved which involved a series of books about life on a native reservation in Western Canada. He created a colourful cast of characters including Frank Fencepost and Mad Etta, the medicine woman. Kinsella’s writing ended when he suffered a head injury and was in a coma, bed-ridden for 3 months. A long convalescence. Since then he has editted (with the help of his wife) his previous output for collections but written very little.


Under The Wire

September 27, 2009

A post for ‘postings’ sake. It’s just before midnight Sunday evening – back at work for another week of nights.

September is almost done already with too few days to get my post numbers up. A little work to do on that. Hmmm….. visits are down, too.

all too soon

all too soon

Haahh! Just kidding! We’re enjoying some summery weather which has carried over into fall. Warm, humid, a bit of rain, some sun.

Okay 11:56 – gotta go.



September 25, 2009
I am plant classification-challenged

I am plant classification-challenged

Bad, bad, bad…. I have a terrible memory where it comes to plant names but these above have leaves that look like they belong to the succulent family. The flowers originally come out green and resemble broccoli before eventually turning pinky-purply red. Nice, eh??

Anyway it has been a quiet week; getting things sorted out here on the homefront, some yard work, helping the brother-in-law move in. Hallelujah! My boarder DID move and I don’t expect to be hearing from him or seeing any of the money he owes. But he is gone, T.G.

Yesterday I had a message relayed to me through an A.A. friend to say that my group’s longest serving member was in hospital and his condition was grave. This fellow, Terry C is one of the primary reasons I joined the group I did – The Grace group. Terry has a long history of diabetes and for the last year has undergone  for cancer. About 6 weeks ago his throat went wierd – like laryngitis – and for the last month was on a soft diet. A few days ago he found he was unable to keep solids or liquids down and his system went kablooey. Sugars off, electrolytes wacky – so he was admitted to hospital. On receiving the call I was immediately full of fear but decided I’d best rest in faith until I had a chance to check in with him myself. Within 2 hours I was there with he and his wife and Terry is being well taken care of and stabilizing. He will be fed for a few days through a nasal tube, then have a permanent feeding tube straight into his abdomen. Terry has been a terrific positive example and influence during my recovery; he’s my mentor (as opposed to A.A. sponsor).

Last night I started in reading Annie Proulx’s ‘The Shipping News’ (Attn: Susan) and from the first couple of chapters don’t know if I’ll be able to get into it. I will persevere and see if I can’t latch onto it.

Happy Friday!


Little Known Factoid

September 24, 2009
abundant crab apple blossoms

abundant crab apple blossoms

Truth is – for every one of those beautiful springtime blossoms there is produced approximately 10 pounds of wee crab apples. Those blessed apples in turn attract kazillions of fruit flies.

Perhaps I’ll cut it down and plant something whose fruit is easier to pick up – say a walnut tree or hey! a pineapple! Think it would last in this climate?


Broken Record

September 23, 2009
red rose

red rose

It finally rained late Monday after 20+ precipitation- free days. That broke a record that had stood for 60+ years!!

Our grass is sparse and sunburnt in patches and some trees are changing colour and dropping their leaves as a reult of the drought.

peachy rose

peachy rose

Most of the garden colour is over and done but we do have some ‘second season’ late blooming roses.

Today is more sorting, stowing and chucking. Oh joy, oh bliss…..


Constant Change

September 22, 2009

Remember the name of my old blog?? ‘The Only Constant Is Change’. Constant change is the norm. Well, moreso than ever that is continuing to hold true.

My boarder is moving tomorrow. I finally got confirmation of that after he had been ducking my calls and ignoring my messages. Hallelujah!!

Late Saturday we learned that one of Lynda’s brothers (she has 10 of them) is in need of a place to stay because his marriage blew up suddenly. He’s in the process of moving in with us – bit by bit.

Sunday was a hit the ground running day and it didn’t quit until it was time to hit the sheets late that evening. On arriving at my A.A. service committee meeting I learned I had suddenly been promoted from Alternate Chair to Chairperson – that will last for the remainder of our term; another year. I was only half awake cuz I’d had at best 4 hours sleep but I muddled through with some good support from others at the executive table. The rest of the day was busy but mainly boring everyday stuff.

Yesterday and today I’ve gone through a bunch of boxes that had remained unpacked since I moved back in with Lynda…. hmmm; 16 months ago now? Trying to make room for the brother-in-law. In sorting through I’ve managed to get rid of some junk but there have been a few treasures unearthed as well. Stuff I had forgotten I owned.

No rest for the wicked – time to get back at it.


Enough About Me

September 19, 2009
time standing still

time standing still

…. and my problems. So sorry folks – I haven’t exactly been ‘on’ this week what with complaining about back pain, insomnia and fatigue. Sometimes life can get on the sucky side…… but all this too shall pass, eventually.

Shazzam!! Flipside of that is I have things to be grateful for, like:

I was up early this afternoon and got some things done and out of the way, then decided to take it easy and maybe snooze through a movie. Surfing the channels I found a show I actually wanted to see – a rarity in itself – the documentary ‘Johnny Cash’s America’. (2007) It was terrific and I think every / any one would find aspects about it they’d enjoy whether they’re a fan of Cash and his music or not. Lots of historic footage, interviews with family, fellow musicians and songwriters – it managed to give a full picture of the man during it’s 2 hour length. I was especially happy they spent about 15 minutes on the series of sessions he did with Rick Rubin producing for ‘American Recordings’ in the years leading up to Cash’s death. Here is the video that had me on the verge of tears at the end of the show – covering Nine Inch Nails ‘Hurt’.

Once our dogsitter arrived tonight I drove down to check on things at my townhouse. I had to ask my boarder to leave and his time is up at the end of next week. There has been some packing done and some clutter thinned out – a good sign. I’ll have some real gratitude about that whole thing when he has gone and the locks have been changed. Leaving there I headed uptown for a quick visit with Mom before coming to work. She’s happy to be moved, settled and satisfied she made the right decision to give up the house. If she’s happy, I’m happy. I think she made the right move, too – a nice condo in a quiet area.

The weather!?!? Amazing!! We have set a record for the longest period without rain for this time of year because of a big fat high pressure system that has been parked over us for 3 weeks. Beautiful!! It’s just what the farmers needed to finish the growing season after our late, long, cool and wet spring. There has only been a couple of days or nights with short periods of light overcast. It has made for the most excellent star gazing – amazingly clear conditions; no humidity to muddy the view. One of the guys here in tratment loaned me a couple of astronomy magazines he had brought with him; one of which included a sky map for the month. Cool; it’s helping me identify a lot more constellations. Here is a link for the coming week re: celestial events which can be viewed across Canada and the northern US states.

It’s been a long week in part because Lynda has worked afternoon shift all week. Later today when I get up we will finally have some face time, T.G. Phone calls and notes just don’t cut it somehow, ya know? Once my work week is done Sunday morning we’ll have the rest of the day after I’ve slept and then attended an A.A. service committee meeting in the early afternoon. Everything is kicking back into gear following the summer down time / break.

I’ll have to get busy again with my camera because this one below is the last one in the media library. It was taken outside the wee country church where we attended the wedding a couple of weeks ago. The bell is inscribed with the donors name and dated 1920.

no way - it's not tolling for me!

no way - it's not tolling for me!



September 18, 2009

Definition according to Websters Dictionary:

1 : a condition of weariness or debility : fatigue
2 : a condition of listlessness : languor

synonyms see lethargy
Which pretty much sums me up tonight. Not complaining; just only sayin’ so as you don’t expect much.
How about more shadows and light?
xray; x marks the spot

xray; x marks the spot

dimly through the veil; contours

dimly through the veil; contours

The music is HERE along with a very strange video presentation.