Stormy Weather

September 1, 2009


severe weather alert

severe weather alert

sentinel watch

sentinel watch

warm front vs cold front

warm front vs cold front

These are a little late in appearing but they were taken during my drive to work a couple of weeks ago when we had that tornado warning. A little more than an hour after this the storm blew in toppling trees, damaging houses and knocking out power for hours. During the height of the storm lightning strikes were continuous and dazzling to behold. The smell of the ionized air was exhilarating. Within a couple of hours the front had passed and skies cleared by dark….. but not before having scared the bejeezus out of a lot of folks.

50 kilometers west of here over 150 homes were severely damaged; some taken down to their foundations. Many of the owners have been told they can’t expect to re-occupy their rebuilt homes for many months, possibly as long as a year.



  1. I do like a good storm. I’m in storm central for another month. Lightning and thunder are daily occurrences.

  2. Ooooo, I love a good storm too; I find them exciting and invigorating. Don’t know that I’d like a daily diet of that sort of excitement tho.
    Not sure how close to you this is but I’ve seen footage of recent flooding that was pretty incredible. Always wonder what your proximity is to these disasters.

  3. Why is it that tornado warnings and amazing skies go together? Love the one with the tower.

  4. The visuals can be pretty darned dramatic, as well as the event itself.

    One problem with having two nuclear power plants in close proximity is that it can sometimes be difficult to get a shot without a hydro tower in it. lol.

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