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Revisiting RSS + SEO Info

September 3, 2009

Despite the fact I’ve been blogging for almost 3 years now (already!) I’m not really very tech-savvy. On the geekdom continuum scale I’m probably a 3.5 out of 10. Some of you know that from questions I’ve asked via email ( Robin, Amuirin, Stevo…… et al). On the plus side I did change blog platforms a few months ago from Blogspot to WordPress and I continue to work on my resistance to try new things. Like checking into RSS feeds…..

Now I’m sure, as with most computer matters, there are many ways to skin this particular cat but having done some reading and tried a few things this is how I’m working this out…. and I’ve done it this way because I don’t have the use of my own computer. (At home I’m using Lynda’s.)

1) For friend’s WordPress blogs I’m using the ‘Readomattic’ tab under ‘Dashboard’ and have added both of Robin’s blogs – ‘Life in the Bogs’ and ‘Bountiful Healing’, as well as Amuirin’s ‘Stop & Wander’, lazy buddhist’s ‘Stumbling Along The Path’, ybonesy and Quoinmonkey’s ‘red Ravine’, and Sue’s ‘What Really Happened To Meg’.

2) For blogs on other platforms or whose authors have their own domain I’ve built an iGoogle page and added their feeds to my page content. From Blogspot I have Kel’s ‘xfacta’ and Sue’s ‘Discombobula’. With their own domains I have Stevo at ‘Asian Ramblings’ and Ron at ‘Ron Dubin Photography’. I’m planning to add more from my blogroll as time goes on.

I understand that if I was using my own computer I could be using the ‘Favorites’ folder and the ‘Feeds’ tab for automatic updates.

Yeah, I’m a slow learner but a little progress is better than none at all. (BTW – if you have any input or corrective suggestions / info; I’m all ears.)


If I ever get serious about the content I’m posting and wish to make money from blogging I’ll be doing more reading about SEO in order to increase traffic. I’d likely start all over and begin with an entirely new blog from the ground up. One on-line reference I found is here: – scroll down to mid-page for the box titled ‘Popular at Problogger’. Under each of the 4 tabs there are a number of headers related to SEO. Via a query I sent to Stevo at Asian Ramblings I found out about Nomadic Matt’s ebook which contains a wealth of info on SEO. While it is geared to Travel blogs much of the info would be universal or tailorable to specific uses. Find out more here: . One day Matt I’ll be ordering a copy… I just can’t predict when that may happen.


shadowcast clover on cabinet door

shadowcast clover on cabinet door