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Whew! Nice Knocker

September 9, 2009
who's there?

who's there?

(a nod to Stevo)

So, what’s new?? We attended that wedding on Saturday. Ya know when you’re all revved up for something and looking forward to a night out…. and then things don’t turn out as planned?? Yeah, a bit of a let down, it was. Lynda was feeling a bit off & I was still resetting my clock to regular hours. The ceremony was nice but then there was a big block of time to kill while the wedding party and family had pictures taken. Dinner was late, toasts and speeches dragged on and the dance didn’t start until 10. By then the enthusiasm for the event had seriously waned. Ah, well… c’est la vie.

Mom took possession of her condo apartment the other day and Lynda and I got over to see it last night. Nice space! I think she’ll settle in there very nicely. The movers come Friday and then she has an additional week to clear her present house of anything left.

Most of my time spent these last few days the computer have been devoted to a renewed job search. (I know it’s ongoing and has been going on forever but…) The official jobless stats for this area are pegged at just over 10% but don’t include those whose unemployment benefits have run out and those who have given up on looking for work through gov’t channels. I keep looking and hoping that my skill set can be put to use elsewhere.

I’ve been reading for pleasure more lately. Finished Hunter S Thompson’s ‘Rum Diary’ and thoroughly enjoyed it. Now I’m into Canada’s ‘lady of letters’ Margaret Atwood’s “Moral Disorder”; a collection of stories exploring a family history. It has been some years since I read anything of hers but as I was reading I felt I hadn’t enjoyed reading anything so much for a long time. I could likely use the aid of someone parsing the stories and showing me the devices she uses so well in the telling of them. Good stuff.

Time to head out into the yard with the dogs before it gets too hot for them. We still have that high pressure system hanging about and keeping this run of fine late summer weather happening. The grass and flowers are getting sunburnt but that’s okay by me.