Clouded by Fatigue

September 16, 2009


Tonight I’ll let this image do the talking. I’m too tired to think straight. Enjoy the peace and quiet.


  1. love this shot
    conifers are some of my favourite trees and they look great against this moody sky

  2. *grins*

    thanks for the high praise, Kel

  3. I really like your sky pictures. Guess they are the ones I would most likely take. I love clouds and thunderstorms. The way the light plays on them…The colors that can be seen.

    I never think to stop and photo the roses.

    I might smell them but I hardly ever take pictures of vegetation. Unless it’s something different. Like a single flower growing up between the cracks of a sidewalk and a building. Or a patch of flowers in the middle of a dirt field. That’s if I even remembered my camera or to even take it out.

  4. It looks like a cloud man leaning over doing cloud vomit (mmm, vapourey!)

    I hope your fatigue has dispelled like that cloud and you are full of piss and vinegar 🙂

  5. Or actually a non-cloud man doing non-cloud vomit, really 🙂

  6. Thanks Sue; much better tonight after some solid sleep. Not back to full p&v status as yet but soon….

    Let’s go into this little room and administer these Rorschach tests and have a bit of fun, yes??
    LINK: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rorschach_test


  7. Thanks Raolin – It sounds like we have an eye for the same sorts of things; the anomalies, things that don’t quite fit into the situation. BTW, most of these shots I post are from my cell phone camera as I don’t usually have my ‘real’ camera with me all the time.

    Keep coming back and I’ll see what else I can come up with.

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