Feeling Good, Feeling Alright!!

September 17, 2009

cell2 169

This was the view upon arriving home this morning of Venus and the ‘fingernail’ moon snoggling up in the eastern sky just before the dawn. Man, was I ever glad the worknight was over and I could climb immediately into bed. Tuesday I had no sleep – nada, zero – and really struggled to stay awake through last night. Actually, I was head down on the desk for about an hour and a half. It’s amazing really what 6 hours sleep can do for a body and mind. (Now if I can just get two days in a row… wouldn’t that be nice?)

Here is a companion shot to the one I posted last night, taken during the same drive to work. Imagine how good it might look if I was to actually stop the car & get out to shoot it??

cell2 156

I like how at dusk the contours of the underside of the cloud are accented.

The music is here: LINK

shadowcast IV

shadowcast IV

Bonus shot: What do you see Sue?

BTW – 100th post here at Unmerited Gifts. Woot – Hoot!!


  1. oooh, can i play?

    i see the Les Mis poster 🙂

  2. but of course you’re invited… everyone into the pool.

    I see now what you’re seeing but wouldn’t have made the connection without the prompt.

  3. Nice shots, Norm. I was so tired I went for a nap after lunch yesterday and woke up four hours later. I promptly went to sleep after 8 pm that night. Your body knows what you need.

  4. Oh man – you’re making me jealous. I have a ‘do nothing’ day planned for Monday when I can catch up on some much needed rest. Until then I’m trying to ignore what my body is telling me.

    …. and thanks, Stevo. There’s a bit of variety there; something for everyone.

  5. those pictures are pretty, and-

    familiar. It looks a lot like the sky hereabouts

  6. See… we must not be that far apart after all. There’s just a lot of familiar sky between us.

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