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September 19, 2009
time standing still

time standing still

…. and my problems. So sorry folks – I haven’t exactly been ‘on’ this week what with complaining about back pain, insomnia and fatigue. Sometimes life can get on the sucky side…… but all this too shall pass, eventually.

Shazzam!! Flipside of that is I have things to be grateful for, like:

I was up early this afternoon and got some things done and out of the way, then decided to take it easy and maybe snooze through a movie. Surfing the channels I found a show I actually wanted to see – a rarity in itself – the documentary ‘Johnny Cash’s America’. (2007) It was terrific and I think every / any one would find aspects about it they’d enjoy whether they’re a fan of Cash and his music or not. Lots of historic footage, interviews with family, fellow musicians and songwriters – it managed to give a full picture of the man during it’s 2 hour length. I was especially happy they spent about 15 minutes on the series of sessions he did with Rick Rubin producing for ‘American Recordings’ in the years leading up to Cash’s death. Here is the video that had me on the verge of tears at the end of the show – covering Nine Inch Nails ‘Hurt’.

Once our dogsitter arrived tonight I drove down to check on things at my townhouse. I had to ask my boarder to leave and his time is up at the end of next week. There has been some packing done and some clutter thinned out – a good sign. I’ll have some real gratitude about that whole thing when he has gone and the locks have been changed. Leaving there I headed uptown for a quick visit with Mom before coming to work. She’s happy to be moved, settled and satisfied she made the right decision to give up the house. If she’s happy, I’m happy. I think she made the right move, too – a nice condo in a quiet area.

The weather!?!? Amazing!! We have set a record for the longest period without rain for this time of year because of a big fat high pressure system that has been parked over us for 3 weeks. Beautiful!! It’s just what the farmers needed to finish the growing season after our late, long, cool and wet spring. There has only been a couple of days or nights with short periods of light overcast. It has made for the most excellent star gazing – amazingly clear conditions; no humidity to muddy the view. One of the guys here in tratment loaned me a couple of astronomy magazines he had brought with him; one of which included a sky map for the month. Cool; it’s helping me identify a lot more constellations. Here is a link for the coming week re: celestial events which can be viewed across Canada and the northern US states.


It’s been a long week in part because Lynda has worked afternoon shift all week. Later today when I get up we will finally have some face time, T.G. Phone calls and notes just don’t cut it somehow, ya know? Once my work week is done Sunday morning we’ll have the rest of the day after I’ve slept and then attended an A.A. service committee meeting in the early afternoon. Everything is kicking back into gear following the summer down time / break.

I’ll have to get busy again with my camera because this one below is the last one in the media library. It was taken outside the wee country church where we attended the wedding a couple of weeks ago. The bell is inscribed with the donors name and dated 1920.

no way - it's not tolling for me!

no way - it's not tolling for me!


  1. the grim reaper is back!

    or perhaps it’s supposed to be father time?

    hope you are rid of the ‘boarder’ neatly and nicely
    and can enjoy peace of mind as a result

  2. There IS a resemblance between F.T. and G.R., isn’t there?? Hadn’t connected that before.

    Yes, I’ll be making frequent checks on the boarder / freeloader during this week to ensure he gets on his way.

  3. Still having trouble with the back? You might try one of those exercise balls for back exercise. It”s amazing.
    My husband just got one of those inversion tables and it is working wonders for him. He’s always wanted one and finally he splurged.

    Glad you guys up there are getting some good dry weather before the cold sets in again. Where did the summer go, huh?

  4. While my back isn’t exactly better it has eased up somewhat – I’m being very gentle with it for now. Any and all suggestions are however very welcome. Lynda has one of those balls stashed around the house somewhere. I’ll have to go rooting.

    Around here there are a couple of clinics offering sessions on a spinal decompression table. I’ve thought about trying it. Same principle as the inversion table I would imagine except it’s mechanical and the table is gravity, right?

    Yeah, this has been great weather. Remarkable! The days are still nice and hot but the nights are getting really cool – almost down to frost temps. When there is no cloud cover the warmth just up and goes. Time is just flying. I can’t believe the solstice is at hand and we’ll be into fall.

  5. Yeah, the inversion table works by gravity. You end up hanging by your ankles.
    I was having some back ache (very unusual for me, but i unloaded about 20 sacks of mulch into my yard and it made me pay). All i could do was stand up and move around. Hurt when I sit or lie down.
    I got on that exercise ball on my abdomen and let my back stretch out. It was very helpful. then i tried the inversion table and that did the same, only a little better.

  6. I’ll be digging around the basement looking for it today in hopes it works as well for me as it did for you. Thanks for the advice.

    Oh, and you shouldn’t be working so hard around the yard… a body will only stand so much you know.

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